The Seattle Mariners Week That Was September 4-11

Mariners Musings: The Good and The Bad

The Good:

After a rough second half, including a ball breaking his face, Justin Smoak‘s bat came alive hitting .333 and included in that average were two home runs. His first home runs in 3 months. Good to have a Smoaker back in the clubhouse.

Ichiro got 8 hits edging him up to 168 for the season. Ichiro seems to have a fire under his but at the end of the season. It is like his career is on the line. Reminds me of how Figgins starting playing great at the end of last season.

Weekly Roundup - Seattle Mariners

The Mariners hit a surprising combined total hits of 64 from Sunday to Sunday. As a fan it is good to see something happen at the plate beside strike outs.

The Bad:

The M’s lost 5 of the 8 match ups battling against the the Athletics, Angels and the Royals. Boo.

It seems the Mariners could not both have offensive performance and defensive performance in the same week. Over the week, the team had 8 errors, 5 of those coming in one game. Lets not talk about that game.

Despite the 64 hits the Mariners left 52 of their base runners on the paths without brining them across to score. We need some clutch hits.

The Future:

The M’s will have the Red Socks nation cheering form them over the next week as they face the Yankees. The team will have their final day off before seasons end on Thursday.

From there they will travel to Texas to match up against the top team in their own division. Watch the management give the young players have more of an opportunity to play against playoff caliber teams to prepare them for next year.

Hopefully the Mariners will find the clutch at bats they are looking for.

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