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Good Things Happen In Spite of Loss

As I write this it is on the eve of another disappointing Mariners loss. Sometimes it is so hard to continue to be a fan of a team that continually breaks your heart. Sometimes after a loss like this, I’m not sure I will ever tune in to the games again.

However, when Eric Wedge took over the management of this club he mentioned that Seattle fans are in need of an attitude shift.

The shift is moving things from anticipating bad things to happen, to expecting good things to happen.

This reminds me of what made me fall in love with the Mariners in the first place. It was before I understood the stats. It was before I looked at the scoreboard.

Good Things Happen In Spite of Yet Another Mariners Loss

I simply was excited by my heroes in uniform doing something I could only dream of. The moments when Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. hit back to back home runs.

The days when Buhner buzz cut night meant more than even the actually game.

So now as I bring my own kids up with the Mariners game blasting over the airwaves at dinner, I realize that they don’t really care about the score.

They are simply falling in love with the game. As my son grabs a bat and pretends to be Ichiro I realize that I will tune in to the game again tomorrow.

I won’t have to expect good things because great things are already happening right in front of my eyes.

Play ball and go Mariners!

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