Moments in time…The Seattle Mariners week that was

Up and down we go

Starting the week off on such a high note is probably what made the weekend sweep in Chicago that much more painful.

After 5 years of trying, the Mariners finally had an 8 game winning streak, only to follow it up with three losses on the road.

Typical Mariners fashion right?

If not for the Minnesota Twins series that started Monday, I would’ve been bracing for football season to hurry up and arrive already!

The Twins are not hot. The Mariners are more tepid than hot I guess, but against the Twins, we can do no wrong.

As is the case with late season roster moves, I am including the news of Monday into last weeks column, since there was an awful lot of it in the Mariners world.

With that I give you my top 10!

10: Possible farewell to arms

In a move that surprised the absolute holy hell out of me, the M’s decided to place both Kevin Millwood, and Jason Vargas on trade waivers.

Teams have 47 hours from the time the two were placed on waivers to put a claim in on them. Head scratching move to me, that to be honest  proves to ownership is not as committed to winning as they say they are.

Vargas has been a beast down the stretch for the M’s, and Millwood not only orchestrated a no-hitter, but nearly a one hitter as well.

These two guys could be excellent pick-ups for a contending team.

I wonder if the Dodgers have anymore money left?

9: Bye Bye Casper

It was only a matter of time until this move became a reality, especially since the move for Eric Thames was made.

Franklin Gutierrez is ready to give it another go this year, and in order to make room for him, the M’s needed to send down an outfielder.

Casper Wells was the odd man out.

I really like this guy, and I hope that he is in the plans for the future with this club.

May be hard with all of the talent we have out there right now, especially with the way that Trayvon Robinson has been playing.

See ya Jason, and thanks for all the wins. Good luck in the future. (photo Yahoo! Sports)

8: Saunders out

With an injury that gets more wisecracks than medical attention, groin pull, Michael Saunders has been on the outside looking in.

Chone Figgins filled in, and made a remarkable play, for more on this, see this weeks My oh My! segment, and now Guti is back.

Tough time to get injured, as Saunders will now be the fill in guy in the outfield, not the starting CF that played so well for the first 130+ games.

7:  Seager making Wegde’s decision easy

Remember back to the beginning of the year when Eric Wedge said he was giving the starting 3B job back to Chone Figgins after his 2B stint was a failure?

Yeah, it’s been hard to think of that with the way that Kyle Seager has been playing this year.

The move makes Wedge look more like the genius that led the Cleveland Indians to the playoffs than the man who has led this team to the cellar the last two years.

6: Power surge

All the talk about the Mariners having a horrible offense has got to be thrown out the window now.

We have officially surpassed our homerun total from last year! (109)

Still not a great feat seeing as there were probably more that 109 homeruns in this years Little League World Series, but it is a start.

5:  Swimming in misery

If only to make matters worse, the Sunday matinee finale in Chicago was definitely a wet one.

The game was delayed from the onset, then started up, then delayed again, started again, and finally called with the M’s trailing by a run.

Three losses by a total of three runs.

At least we kept in these games, as our bats did enough to get some runners on, and then home.

If Felix doesn’t win the Cy Young, we know it’s fixed! (photo

4: As hot as the rising sun

As of the writing of this article Jason Vargas is still with the club, the M’s could be without one of their best arms over the past couple of years if he’s claimed.

But with the emergence of Hisashi Iwakuma of late, hopefully it won’t hurt us too bad. Danny Hultzen is on the horizon, and possibly will be slated as the number two behind Felix next season.

But with his last win, Iwakuma now sits at 3-0 in his past four starts. If this keeps up, the M’s will have a damn good rotation next year, of Felix, Iwukuma, Blake Beavan, Hultzen, and plug in the 5th, it won’t matter with the four in front of him.

3: King Felix gets his day in the sun

In a move that was as classy as one could expect from such a beautiful city, the M’s opened up all of the seats for King’s Court.

Calling it a Supreme Court, the first 34,000 fans were able to get their hands on the commemorative perfect game Felix Hernandez shirt.

2: Felix gets win on his day

During the Supreme Court, Felix took the mound and masterfully put the Cleveland Indians to rest, working 7 2/3 innings en route to his 7th straight win.

This all sets up my number 1, and the reason why Felix Hernandez should once again be the Cy Young Award Winner!

1: Felix is a God

Felix took the mound against the Minnesota Twins on Monday evening, looking for his 8th win in a row.

Not only did he do just that, but he shut them out on a 5 hitter for his 5th shut out in his last 12 starts.

Dominance has only one name: Felix!

There you have it boys and girls, another week in the books in the history of the Seattle Mariners. Join me next week as we will discuss more Felix, and possibly some September call-ups.


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