Moments in time…The Seattle Mariners week that was

Straight outta Anaheim

With another up and down week in the books, the Seattle Mariners at least had some magic up their sleeve for this one. Two out of three in Anaheim, and they carried that high all the way up I-5 to meet the other (only) L.A. team at Safeco.

With a stroke of luck, and a little high quality pitching, six Mariners combined to no hit the best team in baseball! But more on that later.

As much as the no hitter was amazing, I still would like to spend a little time talking about how glad I am that the M’s took two of three from the Angels, especially in front of their stupid fair weather, rally monkey waiving, rubber stick banging, plastic surgery loving fans.

I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again now. I hate the Angels! If I were allowed to type vulgarities in my articles, I could paint you a better picture, but this much is certain.

I hate them more than the Yankees, if that’s even possible.

Enough about that though.

I give you my top 10!

#10: Broken halos

I guess it’s best to start the countdown where I left off on my rant. Two out of three from the Angels in Anaheim. That’s all I really need to say at this point.

#9: Ichiro continues hot streak

Seriously, I wonder how many more games we could’ve won had Ichiro been the leadoff guy all season long.

He has been amazing since returning to the one spot in the lineup. Ichiro is a man of mystery for sure, but I guess that really only applies to his batting skill at the top of the order.

He plain stunk at the three hole. Thank you Eric Wedge for putting him back where he belongs.

Brandon League

League may be headed back to the closers role

#8: Brandon League could be heading back to closing

This is fitting, right after I thank Wedge for Ichiro, I am going to blast him for placing Brandon League back in the closers role. C’mon Eric, this guy is toast.

Give him some mop up work till we can unload him, and put Hisashi Iwukuma in the closers role.

#7: Bring the heat Stephen Pryor

A week after his first MLB appearance, one in which he was clocked at 100 mph, Stephen Pryor got his first MLB win.

As part of the “dirty half-dozen,” as I am calling them, Pryor not only got his name in the record books for pitching in the no-hitter, but he also was the man credited with the win.

Don’t think he will ever forget that decision.

#6: Felix misses week with injury

Felix Hernandez, the pride and joy of our Seattle Mariners, was held out of two starts this past week as a precaution from an Injury. He will be able to make his next scheduled start, which will be Tuesday the 12th, against the San Diego Padres.

#5: Noesi still trying to find his spark

In place of the injured Felix Hernandez in the series finale against the Angels, Hector Noesi was given the nod. Though he struggled again, the M’s did pick up the win, thanks in part to their new found hot bats.

Hector is just not the pitcher I thought we were getting from the Yankees for Michael Pineda. But, a so-so Noesi is still better than an injured Pineda. So I guess we still have the upper hand.

#4: But, Montero is doing just fine

As a member of this team who plays a position that will always be available to the next free agent, Jesus Montero protected his stock a little more on Friday night.

As the man responsible for calling the game, he masterfully led all six pitchers on that epic journey to the record books. Not bad for a Yankees cast off huh.

What a way to earn your first big league win Stephen Pryor!

#3: Millwood is great again

We will never know if Millwood had enough to finish off the Dodgers and get the no-hitter himself before suffering a groin injury, but in the time he was in the game, he was unstoppable.

With his pitch count at 68 heading into the 7th, one could assume he had enough gas to go the distance, but let’s not play the “what if” game. We got the win, and the rest is history.

#2: Meet the Dirty Half-Dozen

Here are the six pitchers that are now in the record books for your Seattle Mariners: Kevin Millwood, Charlie Furbush, Stephen Pryor (W), Lucas Luetge, Brandon League, and Tom Wilhelmsen.

Congrats boys, I’ll see you in Cooperstown someday.

#1: The no-hitter

The M’s weren’t supposed to win this game. Weren’t supposed to even give the Dodgers a run for their money.

But that’s not this years Mariners team. Or at least the past month’s Mariners team.

When the stakes are higher, these guys seem to play better baseball. 4 out of 6 from the Rangers, two out of three from the Angels, and then the no hitter against the best team in baseball.

I hope this winning philosophy continues. Because it really is fun seeing your team win ballgames.


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