Mariners History – Ranking The Best On Second

Top 5 Mariners Second Basemen

With Dustin Ackley promised by the Mariners front office to be a solid solution to a long-term problem position, Mariners fans may recall some of the former players to occupy the number four spot in the infield.

Here are the top five second basemen in Mariners Franchise history:

5. Jack Perconte (1984-1985) – While the Mariners struggled through the mid 80’s Jack Peronte gave the fans something to cheer about.

1984 was his banner year when his .294 Batting Average was 18th in the AL and his aggressive base running landed him in the top eight American League base stealers two years in a row.

He proved to be solid in his defensive efforts as well posting a .983 total fielding percentage during his M’s Tenure.

4.  Little Joey Cora (1995-1998) – Cora was the Mariners dearly loved firecracker of a leadoff hitter through the magical refuse to lose season of 1995.  In fact the picture of Cora in tears inside the M’s dugout after being eliminated from the play offs represents all that M’s fans remember of that game.

Aside from the emotional aspects of who he was, Cora’s time with Seattle should be remembered by his .293 average.

Mariners History – Ranking The Best On Second

3. Julio Cruz (1977-1983) – Julio Cruz, AKA “The Cruzer” played for the Mariners from 1977-1983 but is still a member of the Mariners family as a Spanish broadcaster.

The switch hitting Cruz was fleet a foot ending up in the top eight AL base stealers six seasons in a row and is still ranked as 115 in all time Major League Base Stealers with 343

2. Harold Reynolds (1983-1992) – A native of the Pacific Northwest, Reynolds continues to be one of the most recognizable players in Mariners history.

Before he became the animated baseball commentator we know him as today he was pillar of Seattle baseball.  Not only was he a lot of fun in an interview he was also the Mariners first all-star second basemen.

He was known first for his glove and rightly so as he was a recipient of the golden glove award in 1988,1989 and 1990.  However it is not often remembered that in 1987 Reynolds stole 60 bases, which was #1 in the AL that year.  Seattle fans love Harold.

1.    Bret Boone (1992-1993, 2001-2005) – Boone had two runs with the Mariners.  The first from 92-93 and the second from 2001-2005 and is arguably the last reliable 2nd basemen the Mariners have had.

There is no denying his place as number one on this list.  Three time gold glove winner, two-time silver slugger with placement in the top ten in categories of RBI’s, Home Runs, Total Hits and Average.

He is truly a Mariners superstar.


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  • Sirus Chappell

    Hopefully in 10 years we can write this again with Dustin Ackley at the top of the list.

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