Mariners History – Ranking The Best On First

Who’s On First? A Glimpse On The Past Mariners Number 3

The first baseman.

He stands as a guardian of the sacred basepath.

He is looked on to provide consistency in his defense and his offensive production.

Richie Sexson (2005-2008) M's 1st Baseman

He is expected to be great.

The Mariners are one of the younger teams in the league but have developed a rich history of first baggers. 

Here are the top 4.

4. Tino Martinez (1990-1995).  Tino had big shoes to fill when he took over at first base.  Some wondered if he deserved the position or used his personal connections with Pinella to bolster his career. 

As a Mariner he is really only remembered for his role with the miracle season of 1995.  He was a part of the greatest season in the club’s history so to exclude him just didn’t feel right. 

Of course once he learned to use his bat he traded to the Yankees and ended up becoming legendary.

3. Richie Sexson (2005-2008).  Sexon really only showed up for the first two years of his four year contract, but for the struggling M’s fan he brought a sense of excitement back into Safeco declaring his arrival with two home runs on in his Seattle premier (on Opening day no less) finishing off with 39 long balls by the end of the season. 

Mariners fans probably remember him more for his failures than successes including a run in with the Rangers pitching staff and league officials.

It is too bad that he went crazy.

2. John Olerud (2000-2004).  A home town hero, Seattle Native John Olerud finally came to play for the Mariners in his 12th major league season. 

A career .295 hitter and winner of three golden gloves while with the M’s there is no doubt that he was a good baseball player, and he was a part of the historic 2001 116 win season, but I think Mariners fans remember what a great man he was.

My only complaint is that he retired a Red Sock.  How did that happen again?

1. Alvin Davis (1984-1991).  Brought up to cover an injury no one expected the Mariners 1984 wonder child who walked away with the Rookie of the Year award, All Star and the title Mr. Mariner.  He gave a struggling franchise a face to build on. 

That was until Ken Griffey Jr. entered the scene and stole the limelight, but Davis didn’t seem to mind losing center stage, he just seemed to love playing the game and I’d pay to see more of that in today’s scandal induced MLB culture.


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