Mariners: Milton Bradley’s wife alleges that he threatened to kill her

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The saga just never ends for hothead and ex-Seattle Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley. His plethora of strange on and off-field happenings are well-documented and the latest allegations are the grimmest yet.

Bradley’s wife, Monique, field a restraining order against Milton after a heated argument on September 27.


She alleged that he picked up a photo of a gun and said: “This is the gun that I’m going to kill you with.”

Monique said Milton also threatened her with a baseball bat during the argument, called her a “dumb b*tch” and said she was “fat, ugly and lazy.”

Milton Bradley

WTF Milton? “This is the gun that I’m going to kill you with.” ???

Milton was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

In documents filed at the Los Angeles County Court, Monique chronicles alleged constant emotional and physical abuse during the pair’s relationship.

She said that Milton also threatened to kill her last January after she took their two sons to live in a hotel following an argument.

“This is not a game – bring back my children or I’ll f*cking kill you,” Milton said according to Monique. She claims that he made a throat-slashing gesture toward her as well.

“I am very fearful that he will…try to harm me or even kill me,” Monique said following the September incident.

Milton Bradley was undeniably a talented baseball player who could’ve been even better had his emotional problems not hindered him.

It’s clear that he hasn’t gotten the proper off-field help to keep his life in control.

It doesn’t appear things will end well for him at this point if the allegations are true.



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  • No part of me misses Bradley, I feel bad that the guy never got the help that he needed, but with his attitude problems both on and off the field he wasn’t a good fit with M’s way of playing ball. It was an experiment which basically was trading one problem for another and it didn’t work out for either side. It looks like Bradley has finally sealed the deal on his career.

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