My oh My! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners (video)

Michael Morse goes yard, twice

Ah, just a short time ago, Michael Morse was just another tall, lanky player who couldn’t seem to catch up to the speed of major league pitching.

What a few years in the other Washington can do for a person.

Morse, now back with the Seattle Mariners, had himself a fine little week in the batters box. But I’m focusing on two at bats in particular here. The two where he took Oakland pitchers deep.

The first one

Morse at bat with a 2-2 count against Jarrod Parker with runners at the corners.

The pitch was a fastball, right down the heart of the plate. Parker was almost daring Morse to hit it out of the park.

But when playing with a lead, a major league pitcher needs to be more weary of leaving a pitch in such a hittable location.

Morse got good wood on it, and even though it was a late swing, still had enough power to get it out.

Michael Morse Mariners

Mike Morse already racking up frequent flyer miles ’round the basepaths (Photo: Washington Post)

Caveman Josh Reddick gave chase, and had he been a step faster, may have gotten to the ball. But as it was, Morse had just enough power to send it inches over the wall for his first on the year.

The Mariners never looked back from that point on, as Hisashi Iwakuma was masterful in his two hit performance.

Link to the video here, courtesy of

The second one

With an already dominant 6-1 lead in the 9th inning, Morse felt the need to upstage the A’s Yoenis Cespedes’ mammoth homerun from earlier in the night.

With a pitchers count, Grant Balfour decided to try to blaze his fastball past Morse for the first out of the inning.

But, like Parker, Balfour forgot that leaving a fastball down the center of the plate is not such a good idea when facing Michael Morse.

Morse turned on it with that majestic swing of his, and powered this thing deep into the center field oblivion.

The ball hit off of the concrete retaining wall well beyond the actual outfield fence, and high too. The ball cleared the 400 foot marker by about 20 feet.

Not quite high enough to reach the fans in center, but long enough to know that Balfour just got burned.

The link to the video is here, courtesy of

The keys started the ignition in the 3rd inning. The engine was running pretty smooth by the 9th, and was downright purring like a kitten by the time the team left Oakland on Thursday evening.

If this keeps up, the M’s may have a new homerun champion in town.


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