Five things to love about the Mariners Trayvon Robinson

10th round pick makes good

Trayvon Robinson came to the Seattle Mariners through a three way trade with the Red Sox and the Dodgers last season as the M’s were trying to move veteran pitcher Erik Bedard.

Robinson quickly impressed Seattle fans with a hot bat and a great smile, reminiscent of several former Mariners outfielders like Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Cameron.

However as the season continued, it became clear that Robinson needed a bit more seasoning before he was major league ready.

With the M’s moving veteran outfielder and superstar Ichiro Suzuki, Robinson finally had a chance to get some playing time for his team.

There are lots of things to love about this 24-year-old from Los Angeles, but today we look into some of the best things to love about the guy with the million dollar smile.

 Trayvon loves the game of baseball

With a last name that is legendary in baseball, Robinson tries to live up to his name sake by playing as though the name on the front of the Jersey means more than the one on the back.

Although he has admitted he was hurt by the trade that sent him away from his home town team, he genuinely seems to love the opportunity to play baseball.  The Mariners need more players with a passionate pride for their team.

That sort of attitude is infectious in the clubhouse.

Trayvon loves to learn

Most players never make it out of the minors because they lack the ability to change and adapt their approach to the game.

Robinson is one of the few players that is able to take the advice of his coaches and apply it to his game.  Last year in his brief stint with the M’s Robinson’s strike out rate was 39.4% which he has dropped to 22%.

Trayvon Robinson

Robinson has some real potential to be a difference maker

He could stand to be a bit more patient at the plate as his base on ball percentage is just 7.7% but even that is up from 5.9% last year.  The point is that he has proven his ability to make adjustments.

Trayvon loves to run

Robinson has some real potential to be a difference maker with his speed, much in the same way Rickey Henderson was for years with the Oakland Athletics.

However, despite his speed he has stolen only 26 bases (in all levels of the organization) since joining the Mariners franchise in 2011.  Perhaps that is a mental block more than anything.

In 2010 Robinson played for 2 teams and combined to steal 43 bases.  His speed in the outfield also gives him the ability to play centerfield, making him a valuable 4th outfield option for the Mariners in the future.

Trayvon loves to give his all

While his defensive choices have not always played out the best on gamedays in the past, there is no one that can say that Robinson doesn’t give it his all every time the ball becomes his responsibility.

He will dive, run into a wall and climb into the stands to make the catch.  His defensive numbers are not the most impressive that the club has ever seen, but left field has been a trouble spot for the M’s the last few years, and almost anything Trayvon does right now looks incredible.

Again it is an area where he is showing a tremendous improvement overall.

Trayvon loves to listen

Robinson can hit the ball for average and for power, but his real power comes from not trying to be Ken Griffey Jr., it comes from being willing to play the game the way the manger directs him to.

Having a switch hitter with the ability to follow the play the way the manager calls it can lead to more opportunities for him to get more playing time and move from a prospect to a proven commodity.


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