Lloyd McClendon Says “Relax” To Seattle Mariners Fans

Message Not Well Received

My doubts about Lloyd McClendon as an effective big league manager are beginning to grow.  Questionable lineups and a lack of passion were my primary concerns, at least until this week when Lloyd made one of the worst statements I have ever heard from a manager.

Lloyd McClendon told Seattle Mariners fans, HIS fans, to “relax”.

Lloyd finally boils over.  It's about time.

Fans should Relax. Fine, Let’s see more passion like this from Lloyd then.

Apparently Mr. McClendon does not know what the term “fan” means.  It is derived from the term “fanatic” which defines as–  a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.  They also are the ones that indirectly, write McClendon’s pay check.

To his credit, McClendon realized he had erred and clarified his statement a day later saying that his comments were direct at the media and the team, not the Mariner’s fans.  Yah, right– Dry that statement out and you can fertilize the lawn with it.

Let me take Lloyd’s statement clarification at face value, for a moment.  He really meant to say his team and the media needs to relax, not the fans.  Well, that puts me in a difficult situation if I’m to believe that statement as I am both a fan, and part of the media.  I guess that means I’ll have to try to respond to Lloyd twice, once as a fan, and once as the media.

As part of the media

I say bravo, Lloyd.  You just effectively sidestepped a media quote that could have potentially turned a large portion of the Mariner’s eroding fan base against you.  Given your team’s woeful performance in 2015 weighted against the wide belief and expectation that this team was going to the World Series, that is probably more than enough on your plate without having the fans turn on you as well.

Let’s examine that performance a bit.  This team has played more than 70 games on the year and finds themselves in fourth place in the division.  Having lost so many games so early means the Mariners are going to have to win nearly 60 of their remaining 89 games to wind up with a 90+ win season, something everyone thought the team could and should do this year.

Edgar's presence can and will help but it also serves to take the heat off of McClendon.

Edgar’s presence can and will help but it also serves to take the heat off of McClendon.

Winning 60 in the remainder of 2015 is not an impossible goal for a team that can hit consistently.  One would think the Mariners would be such a team this year but they are not.  Robinson Cano is showing signs of life but is still hitting 60 points below his career numbers and he’s not alone in his underachievement this season.

Nelson Cruz has fallen of the offensive radar after a hot first two months.  Brad Miller, Dustin Ackley,  and Austin Jackson all seem to flounder without end.  Sure, they may have had a hot week or series here and there but the overall consistency is far from being where needs to be.

So who is to blame for this Lloyd?  I say you.  You were, after all, a hitting coach for nearly a decade.  You demoted your own hitting coach to try shift some of the blame for this mess and somehow got a Seattle Mariners hero to step in and take the spot, in one Edgar Martinez.

Edgar’s presence takes even more focus off of you.  Can Edgar help you in ways that matter in terms of wins and losses?  I believe he can but that is a column for another day.

As a fan

I say where’s your heart, Lloyd?  I see little to no passion from you and little to no passion from your team as a result.  I question your lineups.  I question your tactical, in-game decisions.  I question your ability to be an effective leader to your players because you are more concerned about what I think more than your own team’s performance.  Attitude reflects leadership and the M’s attitude sucks.

Is it all your fault?  No.  The guy in the GM’s chair hasn’t done you any favors.

Clearly, Jack Zduriencik has built this lineup based on power over getting on base and scoring.  That is his error, not yours.  Still, you’ve had a lot to work with and your results are disappointing, despite the roster flaws.

Goodbye Lloyd.   Between telling me to relax and your own poor performance I’m calling for a new manager, and a new GM.  Your act, style, and performance aren’t wanted by me, the M’s fan, in Seattle anymore.

Oh, and Lloyd, me the media guy thinks you should be done at the end of the year too.  You’ll be the smaller splash in the Puget Sound after Zduriencik hits the water.

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