Kyle Seager Calls Time Out, Calls Out Weaver, Ejections Follow

Kyle Seager to Jared Weaver—Shutup and Pitch

For the Los Angeles Angels it was a game that mattered.  Their flickering playoff hopes would be kept alive if they could manage a sweep of the Seattle Mariners, a team long since out of the playoff chase.  One would think that their veteran starting pitcher, Jared Weaver, would rise up for a key game against a divisional foe.  That’s not what we saw Wednesday evening however.

Kyle Seager, Old School Look and Attitude.

Kyle Seager, Old School Look and Attitude.

In one of the more colorful moments of his career, Kyle Seager, Seattle Mariners third baseman, dared to ask the home plate umpire for time out and time out was granted.  For Seager, this was nothing new as he routinely asks for time as he sets his feet in the batter’s box.  For Angel’s pitcher, Jared Weaver, apparently this was an affront to him and his routine.

As Seager called for time it was clear that Weaver was not happy.  Maybe it was three run homer he had given up the last inning to Jesus Montero or that he had missed with his first pitch to Seager.

Weaver said something to Seager about calling time out to which Seager replied with words that I really can’t print.  The two continued to exchange pleasantries as Seager called time out, more emphatically a second time.  It’s worth noting that both times Seager called timeout, it was granted by the umpire.

Seager finally settled into the box and actually told Weaver to go ahead and pitch now.  Weaver obliged with an 83 MPH fastball to the right arm of Seager.  For his trouble, Weaver was tossed from the game immediately for intentionally throwing at a batter.  This was not good news for the Angels who were left to turn to their bullpen in just the fifth inning.

Seager will be at 3rd base for a long time for the M's.

Seager just became a leader for the Seattle Mariners.

Why a star pitcher like Jared Weaver could lose his cool so easily in such an important game for his team is surprising.  Mr. Old School himself, Kyle Seager, certainly had an explanation in his post game interview whereas Weaver actually tried to convince the press corps that hitting Seager was some kind of accident.

“It looks a lot worse than it is,” Weaver said. “It happened to hit him. He’s been taking some good swings off me. I was trying to get a fastball in there, and it hit him. It was only 82 mph, so I think he’ll be all right. I don’t think it’s going to keep him out of the lineup.”

Seager called out Weaver as the instigator.

“He definitely started the conversation,” Seager said. “It definitely escalated, and he handled it the way he wanted to. From my perspective, he quit on his team, and I didn’t quit on mine.  I was surprised he hit me, because if you hit me there, it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen. He’s going to be out of the game. I guess he was tired of pitching.”

Quit on his team… my exact thoughts as I watched this happen.  Jared Weaver quit on his team, in the midst of a playoff chase no less.  It’s almost unimaginable to think that a MLB pitcher could ever get to that point in his mind.

To his credit, Seager didn’t cross the foul line as he walked to first base continuing the conversation with Weaver.  A few of the Mariners players in the dugout took a few steps forward but Weaver was ejected so quickly that the situation thankfully didn’t turn into Camden Yard of 1993.

In my viewpoint, Seager did more than call out a pitcher Wednesday night.  He proved the Mariners have heart and he turned himself into a leader in that clubhouse with his old school, shut up and pitch attitude.

That’s a good thing for this Mariners team.  They need players to step up and take charge in the clubhouse and it is nice to see Kyle make that transition from a kid learning to play 3rd, to an All-Star, to a team leader.  Congratulations Kyle.

Oh and Weaver, what Kyle told you, same same from me.

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