My oh My! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners (video)

Push for the Cy Young Award

This weeks segment actually has nothing to do with anything that happened on the field over the last seven days for the Seattle Mariners, instead, it is a fan segment video of why King Felix Hernandez should win the Cy Young Award.

It’s a given that he is the best pitcher on this Mariners team, but is he the best in the American League as well?

I think he is, well he is the most dominant, that is for sure.

When opposing teams see when they play the Mariners at the beginning of each season, fear normally isn’t the first thing that pops into their heads, except for that one day, every five days, when Felix Hernandez takes the field.

How can one player display such fear when pitching for a last place pushover team?

Hernandez has made a career of it so far, and his numbers are only getting better as he matures into his Major League frame.

The video

Though it is only a mere 36 seconds long, it shows not only the love that the fans of Seattle have for our prized pitcher, but the reasons why our fans think he should win.

My reasons are ERA, and his undefeated month of August, which also included his perfect game.

The fans in the video seem to agree with me, quite a bit actually.

Out of the five people interviewed, one mentioned ERA, and the other mentioned the perfect game.

But, all five of them were wearing their King’s Court shirts, one was actually even in a crown and robe sitting in the King’s chair.

The jury has spoken, and the verdict is King Felix for Cy Young. 

What other city in the American League has its own section just for one pitcher on a team of 25? None that I can think of.

Numbers aside, Felix deserves to win

Okay, despite actually having a winning record with this team, and despite having an ERA where it actually is, Felix deserves to win this one for the shear fact that he is a force to be reckoned with every time he takes the mound.

Complete games? No problem.

Shut outs? Yep.

1 hitters, no hitters, perfect games? Check, check, and check.

That should be enough to get him the nod right there, but there is a guy with the name of Justin Verlander who I think may stand in his way.

And then there is Jarred Weaver as well.

And if the playoffs started today, none of these top three guys would be in it.

This is one of the areas that MLB has balked at giving out the Cy Young to the most deserving pitcher, when their team fails to make the postseason.

Sure, it happened for Felix once before, but I think this year it will be different. The sports writers who make the vote, like to reward winning teams when it comes post season awards.

Me? I like to give it to the most deserving, and that is Felix Hernandez.


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  • G 3 Las Vegas

    I agree that Hernandez is a great pitcher….I see you mentioned Weaver and Verlander for Cy Young….Ever heard of a guy name David Price from Tampa Bay. He seems to be leading the American League in several major catagory at the present time except strike outs….he is only number 6……He may also be a possible candidate for the Cy Young Award

    • Clinton

      I think the only way Price were to win is if they won out, which doesn’t appear to be likely. The Rays are even farther off the radar than the M’s are, especially with the east coast bias with the Yankees and Red Sox. Hell, the O’s don’t even get the covereage they deserve, and they may win this thing. Baseball is about as blatantly loyal to the Yanks and Sox as any professional sport should be. It’s actually really sad if you think about it.

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