My oh My! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners

A tribute to the Kid

So, as the Mariners seem to be on to the next year already, let’s use this space to talk about the most important Mariners player of all time: Ken Griffey Jr.

We can forget about a run at the Wild Card. We can forget about shooting for .500. Hell, the only thing I think we can hope for now is a return to the 75 win mark of last year.

About the only thing going for us at this juncture of the season is knowing that we won’t finish last this year. Thanks Houston!

So, let’s talk about something that makes us happy: Ken Griffey Jr.

The Kid

He was the first bona fide superstar to fall into the laps of fans in Seattle. Yes Steve Largent was here before him, but he wasn’t in the national spotlight the same way that Junior was.

So for this weeks segment, I forwent any highlights the M’s may have had, and went with a piece about Junior (No offense to Felix and his gem today).

After all, if it weren’t for the love of Junior we wouldn’t have a team to root for at all right now (no matter how bad they may be).

So back to the Kid.


The sweetest swing that ever was. (Photo: Google)

Griffey engulfed every aspect of his fame here in Seattle, teaming up with the boss in netting the naming rights to his very own video game: Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball.

I personally was a Sega Genesis man myself at the time, and had to go out and spend my very next paycheck on a Super Nintendo system just so I could have the Jr. video game. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one for whom he had this kind of affect on.

And it wasn’t just the video game either. A candy bar graced his name and presence and he even teamed up with local hip-hop legend Kid Sensation. I will provide a video below.

Now he is home forever

And now he forever has a home at the house that Junior built after being named to the Mariners Hall of Fame on Saturday night.

This weeks video link is to the entire ceremony from Safeco Field.

In true Mariners fashion we got blown out, and the sell out crowd wasn’t really there to see this version of the M’s anyways, it was there to see the man of honor.

I would have given up my first born child to be in attendance at this game. And I personally know one person who was there, a Brewers fan, someone who didn’t deserve to be there.

This video is just another example of what this generations M’s fans missed out on in the good old days. The world of baseball will never see a player quite as good or unique as Griffey was.

We were all blessed to see him not only in his prime, but in his early years, and thankfully in his last ever professional game as well.

So thank you Junior, I am getting all nostalgic and teary while I write this. If it weren’t for you, baseball may never have became my favorite sport. I will never forget your smile or your swing.

But ultimately, I will forever cherish that one time you waved to me while I was in the bleachers in center field at the Kingdome.

Thank you.

The link to the video is here.

And here is the video for the rap song with Kid Sensation.


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