Jack Zduriencik and the Mariners brass suddenly get cheap

Randy Wolf shown the door over $1 million

There was an interesting series of events that took place on Tuesday evening in regards to what was likely the final rotation spot behind Felix Hernandez, Erasmo Ramirez, James Paxton, and Roenis Elias.

Randy Wolf had been pitching fairly well.  He’d had a few HR issues, and a few too many walks but had pulled ahead of Blake Beavan for the final rotation spot thanks to a couple of clunker starts by Beavan.

To start the year, Mariners GM, Jack Zduriencik had signed Wolf to a deal that guaranteed Wolf $1 million in base salary if he made the Mariner’s 25 man roster.  Now, for most of us, $1 million is a life changing amount of money but in all honesty, in Major League Ball terms $1 million for a season is tip money.

Yes, it’s possible Wolf could have made up to a total of over $4 million in salary if he met certain incentives but that was not at all likely.

It’s definitely not happening now as Randy Wolf was granted his release.  Following his release, Wolf stated to the media that after the M’s informed him he had made the team AND they wanted him to sign a 45 day advance release consent form.

That form would have allowed the Mariner’s to release Wolf within 45 days of the start of the season without paying him his full $1 Million guaranteed base contract that they had just given him.

Anyone smell a rat besides me and Randy Wolf?

Wolf sure saw through this cheapskate move.  There’s a couple of things that most likely would have happened had he signed it.

Given that this 45 day release would not have protected the M’s if Wolf got hurt but only if his performance was bad I think the M’s were looking for a stop gap starter for just a few weeks and did not want to pay him $1 million for that short amount of time.

Anyone smell a rat besides me and Randy Wolf?

Anyone smell a rat besides me and Randy Wolf?

If Wolf had signed this document he would have been on the team.  He’d have started a few games and then mid-April would have rolled around.  Iwakuma or Walker, maybe even both, would have returned from the DL.  Wolf gets cut to make room for them and the M’s don’t owe him $1 million dollars.

YIKES!  Anyone else think that’s kind of cheap besides me?

It’s awful is what it is and I don’t blame Wolf for being angry.  After his release he said, “The day should have started with a handshake and congratulations instead of a 24-hour feeling of licking a D cell battery”.

I can’t say I blame him.  I’d say the Mariner’s intentions were pretty clear.  I just don’t understand why given the amount of money we are talking about here.

The Seattle Mariners are the same organization that just gave $240 million to a guy that will be in his 40’s before he’s done receiving it all in Robinson Cano.

They are the same organization that paid Chone Figgins over $9 million to go away and not play.

They are the same organization that just saved 200k by releasing and then resigning to minor league deals Endy Chavez and Humberto Quintero just hours earlier.

This is a tacky, cheap, and ugly move that won’t be soon forgotten by other would be free agent signees the Mariners might want in the future.

It’s also a move that could easily come back to bit the M’s this year.  In all likelihood and barring a trade or another free agent coming on board this move now means Blake Beavan is going to be the Mariner’s 5th starter.

If Iwakuma and Walker have setbacks, the M’s rotation could get real shaky real fast and why?

In the end, because Jack Z wanted to save $800k.

I just don’t get that.

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  • Sam S

    Wolf was just another athlete with a sense of entitlement. “I can scratch my butt, where’s my million dollars!” Dude reminded me of Chone Figgins.

    • Dal

      You are an idiot. Randy Wold is absolutely nothing like Chone Figgins.

  • GD

    Baker, Wolf, and Beavan all suck bad. I hate the thought of Beavan, but for probably only 1 start paying Wolf $1M for 1 “maybe” 2 starts is pretty rediculous. You pay someone like Kershaw, and an ace SP $1m a start…not Wolf.

    Yes, it was obvious what the M’s were doing to ‘buy’ time until Walker/Iwakuma are back. Hopefully our offense ‘continues’ to rip the cover off the ball, like they’ve been doing during ST, and we can sneak a win or two in there when Beavan is up. I can’t wait until he’s sent down though, that is for sure!

  • GD

    Hey maybe Wolf can now sign with Baker & the Rangers! Rangers are in a world of hurt, for a team expected to win the division. They not only have issues at C, 2B…but SP too. Also, they’ve had injures this Spring with Beltre, SS and Moreland. Now Yu Darvish is out for the ‘start’ of the season.

  • lee cousins

    Pinching pennies when were suppose to have come into all this money something doesn’t make sense here, and you know… I haven’t seen any posts on these regards , than this signing of Cano for a zillion dollars doesn’t make a lot of sense either, nothing like drinking champagne from a paper cup.

  • Geoduck

    I’m sure that after Eric Wedge left and gave his opinion on the front office and now Wolf being treated as he was FA’s and their agents will line the streets in front of Safeco to be part of this organization. For anyone who fails to see the impact these moves will have on this organization as they try an attract players, well enjoy the timeless baseball phrase, “wait tip next year.” Talk about a bush league front office, here it is in living color. This has to be a bad April Fool’s joke, but I guess it’s too early.

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