Is the Seattle Mariners’ Kyle Seager an All-Star?

Do Kyle’s Numbers Say “All-Star”?

With about two weeks to until the 2014 All-Star in Minneapolis a case can be made for many Seattle Mariners to make the team.

Robinson Cano has been in the top five in hitting numbers for some time and is certain to make the team.  Felix Hernandez might be having the best season of his career and will make the team as well.

But what about Kyle Seager?

Does the never vocal, Mariner 3rd baseman have a shot at this year’s Summertime Classic?  Let’s take a look and see if we can make a sound case for Kyle or not.  Below are the what I would deem the top four 3rd Baseman in the American League for 2014.

       PLAYER          R         H        2B       3B       HR      RBI     BB      K       AVG    OBP    SLG     OPS    WAR

  • Beltre              41      87       18         0           9         42      20     35       .332     .380    .504     .884      2.5

  • Seager            36      86        21         3          13       59      29     65       .283     .355     .500    .855      3.5

  • Donaldson    57     80        12         2          18        61      38     74       .245     .325     .459    .784     4.6

  • Longoria        45      89        12         1          10        37     33     73       .263     .333     .392    .726     1.7

These numbers are all reasonably close to one another in terms of offensive production.   You can see that Adrian Beltre has a clear advantage over everyone on this list in terms of batting average at .332, but not much else.  Seager is 2nd with a .283.


An All-Star or not? That is the question for Kyle Seager.(Photo:

Josh Donaldson has a sizable lead in home runs with 18.  Seager comes in 2nd again in homers with 13.

RBIs? Donaldson again has the lead with 61 but Seager is right on his tail in 2nd place with 59.

How about strikeouts?  Remember you want the fewest in that line.  Beltre has the least with 35 and then Seager is yet again in 2nd place with 65.

Let’s even break out the WAR stat.  Seager is again in 2nd place with a 3.5 vs. Donaldson’s 4.6.

Let’s go with OB%.  Seager winds up 2nd one more time with a .355 right behind Beltre at .380.

Slugging?  Sure, we can do that one too.  Seager is in 2nd place at .500, just 4 points behind the leader Beltre.

Are you sensing a pattern yet?

Seager is second in most, and first in a couple of each of these categories.   He is the current leader in doubles and triples.

In my head, Kyle Seager does not make the 2014 All-Star team as the starting 3rd baseman.

Big power numbers and your team in first place are usually what drives a player’s vote count up and Josh Donaldson is probably going to win the vote at 3rd base for just those reasons unless something quick and drastic changes.

But there is something to be said for consistency and that’s what Seager’s numbers are this year, consistent, across the board.  He’s in the top two in 10 out of 13 of these numbers.   Donaldson is only in the top two in 7 out of 13.

Those are the things that make you go Hmmm, no?

So, why not on the bench?  Kyle certainly has some impressive stats at 3rd base behind Donaldson.  Texas is out of it and so is Tampa Bay so Seager could be the guy that lands a bench spot.

Vote early and vote often if you want to see him there.  It’s borderline for Kyle at best.

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