Dustin Ackley: Real Deal or Real Dud?

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Everyone was expecting the prospect Dustin Ackley to help bring relief from Seattle Mariners offensive woes.  At the same time there were many concerns raised in converting the 1B/OF make a transition to second base.

After all that experiment didn’t work so well with Figgins.

In looking at players like Robinson Cano the M’s wanted to turn second into a power position for their club as well.

When left fielder Milton Bradley was released there was some speculation that Ackley could be the one to fill that role.

Dustin Ackley: Real Deal or Real Dud?

However, the management stuck with the original plans and Ackley was brought in on June 17 to be the regular second basemen for the remainder of the 2011 season.

Ackley played in 90 games and had 333 appearances at the plate.

Ackley was drafted for his bat and so it was no surprise to see the rookie surge ahead in hitting at a big league level.  He cooled as the long season of the MLB no doubt was draining on the inexperienced youngster as well as scouts having more time to report his weaknesses to opposing pitchers.

There is a lot that could be said about his performance, but just stop on the fact that he hit 7 triples in just 90 games.  With a full season Ackley could likely lead the league in triples next season.  This opens all sorts of possible run producing scenarios for the M’s

From the defensive side of things, there were a few awkward moments for Ackley but these looked to be more of big league jitters and inexperience than a lack of ability.

Ackley did commit 6 errors in his position, which in 90 games is a bit higher than desired.

However, the exciting thing is that there is potential for Ackley to become a solid starter at second for the unforeseeable future as opposed to thinking he is just holding a defensive spot until he can play his “real” position.

Overall when you think of Ackley keep smiling.


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