Half a year later the Mariners are beyond Ichiro…right?

Cheer For The Yanks…sometimes

I find it so strange when a franchise player like Ichiro Suzuki leaves a team.

After all, what is the team that we cheer for anyway?  Isn’t it the collection of athletes?  Or is it simply the uniform with our city name embroidered across the front?

Now I feel like I have to cheer for Ichiro as well as the Seattle Mariners, which means cheering for the Yankees from time to time.

That goes against a lot of my standards.  I almost feel like baseball would be a much better sport if it was equalized with a salary cap and players having to stay with the team that signed them.

Then again, because baseball reflects real life, it is no wonder that there will always be Davids and Goliaths squaring off against each other in uneven matchups.

Life is unfair, people move on, and baseball doesn’t make exceptions to either of those facts.

And while Ichiro was a franchise player during his time with the Seattle Mariners and will continue to produce for the Yankees, his departure from Seattle isn’t all that bad.

Now, as the Mariners head into a new season filled with a lot of young talent and promise, let’s look at what the first season without Ichiro will bring.

Without Ichiro there is less pressure.

The international media coverage in the clubhouse is noticeably different at the start of spring training, as guys have more equality with the media and more opportunity to simply be themselves instead of being seen as Ichiro’s band of empty headed sidekicks.

With everyone on an equal plane, there is more opportunity for teamwork, which any great sports movie will show you is needed to win.

Without Ichiro there is more opportunity.

If Ichiro was with the team this season, that would mean fewer players would get a chance to make the team.

Ichiro Suzuki

Seattle says goodbye to an Icon

Even after his departure last season the field was opened up and the line-up was freed for guys to make some much needed mistakes in which to learn.

Ichiro was great, but he was holding the team back from their desire to truly rebuild.  Not to mention the amount of payroll freed up for the M’s this season and the ones that follow.

Without Ichiro there is more leadership

I have no idea what Ichiro would have been like as a team mate, I can only speak about what I did see in the news and such.  That’s not much.

Ichiro didn’t communicate with the media often, and for a veteran, that is part of the job that needs to happen to give young guys a boost and to give the fans hope.

Without Ichiro there is new hope.  Hope for the Mariners to have a fire lit under their butt, and hope for a dearly loved player to find a new chance at success.

Even if it is in New York.


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  • FormeMarinerSeasonTicketHolder

    It’s too bad most fans couldn’t see that moving Ichiro was a necessity when he was actually worth something. Management waited 2 more years after I called for him to be traded. Everyone was saying we couldn’t trade him because he was so important to the team. My point was that we could have gotten 2 or 3 very good YOUNG players for him when he was still hitting .320. Let’s face it, were weren’t winning with him and although we weren’t going to win without him we still would have been 2 years closer to being competitive if common sense was used by management. I also felt the same way about Felix, trade him for 2-3 very good players and now you have 6 very good players if they handled the Ichiro trade correctly! It does the team no good to be able to say they have one of the best pitchers in baseball if he can only win 13 games and win the Cy Young award. Even Vargas won more at 14 and we let him go…. management needs to change before this team begins to compete again. They simply don’t know how to build a winning team. We had the best attendance in baseball and they allowed the team to fall into the basement despite having a solid fan base and money to spend, we spent a lot and got Sexon and Figgins. Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea? I rest my case about management!

    • You have a lot of good stuff to say here, but we have to remember that Ichiro had a no trade clause on his contract and the team wanted to be loyal to their superstar. Not an easy spot to be in by any stretch. the “trade” was disappointing to be certain, I wish we could have gotten more out of trading one of the only good things SEattle baseball has seen in the past decade.

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