The Mariners and the on-going struggle of the marketing team

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When: 10:10 PM ET, Thursday, April 11, 2013
Where: Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington
Temperature: 53°
Umpires: Home – Paul Emmel, 1B – Bruce Dreckman, 2B – Clint Fagan, 3B – Gary Darling
Attendance: 22917

Headline: Behind Felix Hernandez and a medium-sized court, Seattle Mariners fall 4-3 to Texas

The Supreme Court was in session, and before Thursday night, this was certainly a tribute to one of the five best pitchers in baseball. After a 4-3 loss and a certain money-grab from the top of the organization, this yellow message has decreased from encouraging to an insult.

Behind closed doors, panic must have set in during the start of the 2013 season.

Once the rotation was set and Felix Hernandez’s first home start was clear, the Supreme Court ticket started being pushed. Classic Mariners, capitalizing on a late Opening Day (one week after baseball began) and Felix’s first start in order to generate revenue during a home stand that includes the bottom dwelling Astros (who took 2 of 3 from Seattle), and two playoff teams in Texas and Detroit.

The Supreme Court attendance was a disappointment, when 25,000 t-shirts are made, and only 23,000 fans attend; someone is not doing their job correctly. Whenever kids in developing countries are donated sports t-shirts no one wants, your team either lost in a championship game or has a big problem.

Opening night had over 42,000 fans in the stands, but in the three games since then, the total number barely eclipsed that (44,155 in the next three games combined). This includes two Astros games in the middle of the week that drew less than 11,000 each.

The Supreme Court attendance was a disappointment, when 25,000 t-shirts are made, and only 23,000 fans attend

The Supreme Court attendance was a disappointment, when 25,000 t-shirts are made, and only 23,000 fans attend

Felix pitched adequately, allowing 3 earned through 6 and 2/3 innings with 5 K’s, but it must be hard to pitch when dealing with an 0-2 count and the crowd chanting, “K! K! K! K! K! K!”

The man is trying to pitch a baseball game, quit being disappointed when Felix throws a waste pitch up 0-2 in the count; it is what good pitchers do.

This game showed positives too, but those got pushed to the side as a yellow crowd seemed more concerned with the baseball hiding in the hat game than the results from the team- AND IT’S APRIL! There have been 11 games, and the Mariners are in mid-season form, using gimmicks to fill the seats.

Franklin Gutierrez continued his good start with another lead-off HR, his fourth of the year and third leading off. Justin Smoak and Jesus Montero each had two hits, unfortunately they were not when the team needed them most with the bases loaded and less than 2-outs, but at least they got hits Thursday.

Hernandez will be fine and Oliver Perez and Stephen Pryor continued to be great in relief.

Back to the bigger problem at hand.

I am truly embarrassed that I supported this club by buying a ticket and attending Thursday’s game. True fans need to support this team by going to games and letting their voices be heard, letting management know that Seattle will not allow the city to be a joke of a baseball town.

Those 10,000 fans at Tuesday and Wednesday’s games are the true fans, the ones that showed support when the team needed it. How were they rewarded?

By being outscored 24-12 in two games.

I am not giving up on this season. I still think the Mariners can recover from their two best hitters going down in consecutive games, Michael Saunders bound to the 15-day DL for a shoulder injury and Michael Morse breaking a pinky finger and expecting to miss a weak.

The growing pains of this team recovering are there, and it is no time to start over.

Management needs to be consistent and reward fans for consistent support. I am not sure what that looks like, which is why I write for a blog instead of running a front office in MLB, but someone needs to figure it out.

In conclusion, if you go to a game this year, don’t participate in the wave, it looks ridiculous and sucks the little energy in the stadium right out.

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