Mariners’ organization lacks organization and plans

Wedge Has Got to Go

Is anyone else getting tired of this mess? The Mariners‘ organization has ballooned between dysfunctional and completely inept for over a decade now, and this weekend has solidified trouble in the northwest.

The Mariners are proving that whatever plan they are acting on is a constantly changing joke, strung together by the front office in order to keep a paycheck being deposited into their accounts.

What better way to convince the fans that everything is working than by constantly lowering the bar for your team? Why have Carlos Triunfel and Nick Franklin made appearances from AAA this week? To extend the leash, and increase the chances for more opportunities to fail.

Jack Zduriencik is here because of his ability to draft players, something he did really well in Milwaukee with different roles in their organization. Players like Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder were drafted while Zduriencik was there, but the Brewers could never find the right pitchers in the draft.

Is it time for Wedge to go?

Is it time for Wedge to go?

Now, the situation has reversed itself. Look at all of the players that Jack Z has drafted or traded for to hit in Seattle; Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak, Jesus Montero, all of whom are either currently hitting in Tacoma or were a year ago. The pitching has been a strength since his arrival, but when the only commodity you have is pitching, you are forced to trade those assets, waiving goodbye to Doug Fister, Jason Vargas and Michael Pineda.

From trading those three young players, the Mariners have one hitter on the roster to show for it (Kendrys Morales). ONE!

Zduriencik is still a viable GM, and he could prove his worth. The best way to do that would be to fire Eric Wedge as soon as possible.

It is hard to put all of the blame on Wedge at this point, but his decision making this season have been baffling. From giving young players a scattered schedule to only playing the veteran that got a hit the day before, it’s as if he has never looked at a matchup history report before.

Yesterday, Wedge blamed Saber-metrics on Ackley’s struggles this year, claiming that writers that haven’t played baseball since they were 9 critique a sport they don’t know.

Well, I played until I was 13 and I know a good manager when I see one.

The Rays’ Joe Maddon has gotten more out of his players than every manager in the big leagues because of his reliance on statistics and understanding that a player like James Loney needs to hit for average and not power, something that crippled him with the Dodgers and Red Sox.

Now he is hitting .335.

The St. Louis Cardinals have used saber-metrics to understand the game better and find any edge they can. Both of these teams are better from top (ownership, GM’s and Managers) to bottom (two of the best farm systems in baseball for the last decade).

Wedge has to shoulder some of the blame for the development of the young players. Even with Kyle Seager excelling beyond expectations, he is turning into more of the exception than the rule. Blame statistics all you want, but YOU failed to develop young talent, and YOU failed to figure out what they need in order to hit at the major league level.

Now that “the 2013 plan” has taken a turn towards failure, Seattle has begun “the 2015 plan” with Franklin and company.

Anything to develop false hope. Anything to get tickets sold. Anything to get a paycheck.

I’m sick of this garbage.


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