The five players I wish still played for my Seattle Mariners

And 1 I don’t…

I may be a bit on the odd side, I know, but I have to admit that I like watching the rebuilding process that the Seattle Mariners are going through.

It is exciting to watch the youngsters without the hefty paychecks and egos go out and just play baseball.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t wish that the team had some elements that would actually help them to score more runs an win more games.  (Novel concept isn’t it?)

As I was watching some video of the Mariners warming up in Arizona, and as I caught a gimpse of some uniform numbers that used to belong to former players, it made me wish some of them were still a part of the team, in their prime – ready to play.

Adding the following five players to the M’s roster would no doubt push them over the top right?

1. Randy Johnson

I remember playing baseball against guys that could throw hard enough to break my arm, with little control.  It was scary which is why I miss “The Big Unit”.

As the starting rotation is being formed I wish there was bit more freak involved.

2. Jay Buhner

Buhner has come to personify the Mariners alumni.  He was bald and he was bad to the bone and he could handle a bat.  He has swagger without attitude.  He was feared by pitchers and he ticked off Yankee fans.


Let’s hope the same will be said of Jesus Montero after this year.

Mariners Legends

Adding these five players to the M's roster would no doubt push them over the top right?

3. Edgar Martinez

If there is one thing I really miss about number 11 is the consistency.  Edgar was the best DH….


Who would want him to roll up to the Peoria complex with a bat in hand?

4. Alvin Davis

He wasn’t given the title Mr. Mariner for nothing.  Alvin Davis was the first inductee into the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame.  He was the rookie of the year and he was known for his big smile and good approach.

A team player.

5. Ken Griffey Jr.

I’m talking about the mid 90’s Griffey as opposed to the 2010 version.  Seattle was the center of the Baseball Universe when Griffey was around.  Back then everyone wished they were a Mariners fan.

Today most people are glad their not.  That needs to change.

There is one uniform number that I’m glad will not be in camp this season. #15, couldn’t hit, couldn’t field, couldn’t play nice, and couldn’t be bothered to change.

He never fit in Seattle and will likely never play baseball again.

Which is too bad, he had a memorable presence…

Who can name him without doing the google?   There could be prizes involved.

It’s been known to happen.


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  • Ausumme1114

    And the player is…Milton Bradley!

  • nextgm

     I agree! Watching the young guys develope will be fun. I think with the talent coming to camp we are going to have a couple of players that will seperate themselves and become the next Buhner or Edgar. I like  Casper Wells and think he could become a real fan favorite. Trayvon was exciting at times last year and there is one more kid that needs to fix a hole is his swing but I like his tools in Mike Saunders. If they open this kids stance a little so he can hit an inside pitch we could be talking 25 homers and 40 steals, O.K.  maybe 30. He could be the next great centerfielder for years.
     I just hope that they stick with their plan to play the young guys. Go Ms.

  • right you are Ausumme.  send me an email at with your address and I’ll get you your prize. 

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