Mariners: Should Seattle trade Felix Hernandez?

Trade Bait?

Obviously, the end result in 2011 was disastrous for a Seattle Mariners team that flirted with 100 losses. The season’s silver lining, however, was the youth infusion. Michael Pineda, Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak and Mike Carp all had their moments.


A curious case going forward is that of Felix Hernandez. King Felix is still just 25 years old and under control through the 2014 season.

But would the Mariners be better off trading him?

It’s safe to say Seattle’s rebuilding process will be a long one.

Felix Hernandez

Would the Mariners be better off trading him?

The M’s may not be finished rebuilding by 2014, even.

And, with King Felix making $20 million in the final year of his deal, I can’t imagine what he’ll get in his next contract. Probably C.C. Sabathia money if not more.

Could the Mariners, then, not get a king’s ransom today by trading him to a team starved for an ace? Would Boston not give up Clay Buchholz plus prospects? Would the Yankees not give up Jesus Montero and more?

On the other hand, Hernandez is already a Cy Young winner and two-time All-Star just entering prime. He’s as valuable to his team as any pitcher in the game.

If Pineda continues to develop, you could argue that the Mariners are better off keeping Felix and acquiring another starting pitcher to try and improve rapidly.

General manager Jack Z has to think long and hard about this one.

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  • Panther-77

    That’s the problem with the Seattle Mariners. Whenever they get someone on the the team they could build on, they trade that player off. Year after year they do this. When they make a trade for someone else they get that is ready for retirement plus prospects that are not worth a damn. When are they going to stop trading top players off? That’s why Seattle baseball team is just a waste of my time to watch, Seems to me the Mariners management don’t want to invest in some money and that’s what it’s going to take to get quality players and a quality team that wants to win instead of wanting to go for 100 losses every year, to me that is not success at all. 

  • Ace777

    well Q, after I read your post and before I read your bio I was going to come in here and blast you as some yankee suck-up ally of Ken Rosenthall trying to stir the rumor kettle for the yanks – your bio claims otherwise but your article is right up ol Ken’s keister.  Maybe seasonal affective disorder has set in for you already – it was a lousy summer for sunshine and for the Mariners – I’d advise you to take a vacation in a nice sunny place and don’t think about the Mariners for awhile.  You’ll come back to your senses by spring training.

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