5 Things The Mariners Could Do With Chone Figgins Next Season

M’s Figgins – Employment Options

Chone Figgins was brought in to add a one-two punch behind Ichiro.  The Mariners were expecting to see an increase of speed to get them more aggressive runners on base and ultimately score more runs… to win more games.

In the first year of his contract Figgins had a rough first half and the Mariners were beginning to wonder if they had made a mistake.

By the end of the season he had really turned things around.  The M’s even turned down trade offers for Figgins declaring him as their everyday third basemen for the future.

Things went downhill fast until the only time fans cheered for Figgins was when he went on the Disabled List.

Is Batboy In Chone Figgins' Future?

So now they are stuck with him and his contract while rookie Kyle Seager has earned the right to keep his spot.  So what should the Mariners do with Figgins next season?  Here are some ideas.

Make Him A Mascot
The M’s could use Figgins as a sidekick to the Moose.  He could provide the one-two punch the Mariners were looking for, but in a slightly different role.

Make Him A Peanut Vendor
This gig would be perfect as he would only have to throw and not worry about having to field anything.

Make Him A Batboy
He is short enough to get away with it, and this could get him more time on the field than he is getting now.

Make Him A Live Foul Pole
The Red Sox have Pesky’s pole.  The Mariners could have Figgins’ pole.  He would be mounted to the pole in left field. Any ball that hit him would be worth 2 runs

Trade Him
The Mariners may possibly be able to trade Figgins to another team for one of their problem players, similar to the Carlos Silva – Milton Bradley deal. But seeing how crappy that turned out I think we would get more hits in the Mariners trading him for a box of bats.


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