Mariners Ensure They Wont Dip Below 100 Losses

2011 M’s Won’t Lose 100

With the shutout, four hit, win against the Texas Rangers the M’s assured that they would not have another triple digit losing season. This should give fans some encouragement that this year was an improvement.

Fans may grieve that they can’t go back in time to when the Mariners held the best held record in baseball history with their 116 win season (2001).

(In that year they claimed their 63rd win on July 8 thus ensuring they would not lose 100.  Today is September 16).

However it has been ten long painful years and it sometimes is hard to remember that that things have been worse that they are right now.

A Win In Texas - 2011 Mariners Won't Lose 100

The Mariners have had five 100+ loss seasons in their 34 year history. (1978, 1980, 1983, 2008, 2010)  The worst of these seasons being the 1978 record of 56-104 under the “leadership” of skipper Darrell Johnson.

With only a .350 winning percentage the M’s ended up 35 games back of the first place Kansas City Royals in the AL west.

Of course as a new expansion team, The Mariners farm system was far from adequate.  In fact it was still in formation.

It consisted of AAA San Jose Missions, A Stockton Mariners and A Bellingham Mariners.

The Mariners had low attendance in those first few year as Baseball was settling in on the emerald city and thus had a low bankroll that could not attract the successful veteran players, not to mention the stigma against expansion teams in the old boys club on the Yankees and Red Socks.

Everyone knew it would take time to build the team.  No one guessed it would still be trying to build itself 34 years later.

It should be another interesting off-season so stay posted.


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