Reasons I bet on the Mariners to win the AL West in 2012

What’re the odds…

Ok, so you may think I am crazy, but I checked out the odds for the Seattle Mariners to win the World Series, AL Pennant, and AL West and they are major long shots so I threw some green on them.

I did not think betting on the Mariners to win the World Series and AL Pennant was a good bet, but I threw $50 on them to win the AL West.

They are at 36/1 to win the AL West so if they do so I win a cool $1,800.

Here are 5 reasons I bet on the Mariners to win the AL West this season.

1. No expectations

You can see by the odds that the odds makers, as well as baseball experts, are not giving the Mariners a shot to make any noise this season. Because of that the Mariners do not have any expectations to do anything.

A team that has no expectations has nothing to lose, so there is no pressure on them this season like there is on the Angels and Rangers.

Jesus Montero, Seattle Mariners

Will this guy be the next star in Seattle?

2. Their pitching is solid

Ace Felix Hernandez, who won the Cy Young a couple years back, leads the staff and in his first start this season was stellar giving up only 5 hits and 1 earned run in 8 innings.

The young guys of Jason Vargas, Hector Noesi, and Blake Beavan have a lot of talent and Seattle is hoping Kevin Millwood can recapture some of his past glory.

The bullpen is solid and closer Brandon League made the All Star team last season.

Safeco Field is the best pitcher’s park in the Majors and since Seattle has a good staff I think that will add up to a lot of wins this season.

3. Ichiro has something to prove

Many are saying that Ichiro Suzuki is over the hill and his best days are behind him, but he will prove them wrong. After failing to hit above .300 for the first time in his career last season he was moved to the #3 spot this season.

I think he will bounce back with a big year and in the first 2 games in Japan this season he had 4 hits in 9 at bats.

4. Jesus Montero will be a star

You know how highly the Mariners think of the ultra talented prospect Jesus Montero since they gave up their number #2 starter from last season Michael Pineda to get him.

He has all the tools and will have a chance to show he is not just another over-hyped Yankees’ prospect.

5. No stars = team play

Ichiro is the only star the Mariners have, but they have a lot of young guys with talent such as Montero, Justin Smoak, Michael Saunders, and Dustin Ackley.

The young guys with Ichiro with Chone Figgins with something to prove will give the Mariners a solid core that will win as a team.

Bank on it! I did!


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  • It’s barely a bet with Jesus on your side! I’d love to see a quick turnaround in Seattle, but don’t know if I’d be throwing my money down on it.

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