2011 Is Done! Seattle Wants A Winning Baseball Team In 2012

Baseball in Seattle is dead

The baseball season just finished up for the Seattle Mariners as they lost their 95th game last night.

The Mariners in a fitting way to end this terrible season were shutout 2-0 to the Oakland Athletics. The fact that the Mariners lost wasn’t the main story as when you lose 95 games that is expected.

The key to the story was for the first time in the Safeco Field era and first time in a full season since 1992 the Mariners drew under two million fans.

The Mariners attendance has gone down 1.6 million fans since 2002 which shows the fans are tired of poor baseball.

I drove up to Seattle from southwest Washington to check out the game myself. Instead with all the great games going on I decided to watch those games.

I’m a die hard Seattle sports fan but I couldn’t see myself spending money on the Mariners.

In a major league baseball city the Mariners game wasn’t televised at the three bars I was at on Pioneer Square.

Tough Times for Baseball Fans In Seattle

The Mariners attendance has declined every season since 2007. In the city of Seattle if you aren’t winning you’ll be ignored very quickly.

The Seattle Seahawks retired the 12th man flag in the 1980’s then in the 1990’s nobody cared about them. The Seattle Supersonics were the hottest ticket in town in the 1990’s and now they left town without even a fight.

The Mariners have lost 196 games the last two years. Finishing last place six times in the past eight seasons showing the fans that winning isn’t a priority.

Gimmicks and bobbleheads only go so far ultimately the best gimmick in sports is having a ton of wins.

The Mariners aren’t producing enough wins to matter in this city. Drawing under two million fans when there is no competition with other sports from April through August is a joke.

Drawing under two million fans when reigning Cy Young pitcher Felix Hernandez pitches every fifth day while pitching in a beautiful ballpark is a joke.

I don’t blame the fans either. I chose not to go either last night and I’m glad for that. Mariners ownership needs to give the fans a reason to go to the ballgame. Having basically the Tacoma Rainiers take over your roster every September isn’t fun to me and obviously not to anyone else.

The Mariners better make a big move this offseason or they’ll be in danger of not mattering.

In conclusion, the Mariners franchise has ran out of gimmicks. The only way to grab the fans back is simply by winning.

Will Chuck and Howard have what it takes to build a winner? I doubt it.

Next season expect more empty seats which is a sad sight to see from a team who led baseball in attendance in 2001 and 2002.


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  • Riley Trottier

    Every bad team eventually bottoms out. Hopefully the Mariners will get a top pick and draft someone useful. Even if the team isn’t great next year, it’d be a lot more fun to watch if they had one or two exciting players

  • Kshell

    We do have exciting players like Felix, Ackley, Pineda, etc. Still if you aren’t winning games fans aren’t going to turn out.

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