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The 2012 season marks the 35th year of the Seattle Mariners and as such the team at NWSB is reflecting back on the past as the M’s are set to rebuild their future.  With the woes of being a Seattle sports fans, there are not many MLB seasons worth remembering, but there are players that still seem like they are with the team in spirit.

Every spring fans wait in expectation to find out what the opening day roster will be, now this spring imagine if all 35 years of players were blended into one and the opening day roster contained some of the greats from the franchise thru the years.

It would go a little something like this…

Pitcher: Randy Johnson

While we can all agree when we say, long live the king, and we will always have a special place in our hearts for Jamie Moyer, there is no other Mariners pitcher as immortalized as Randy Johnson.

Not just for his .637 winning percentage or his no hitter against Detroit, his Cy Young awards or 300 strike out seasons, but for his 6’10” frame greasy long read hair, terrifying glare and Mr. Snappy of course.

He helped make the Mariners larger than life.

Catcher: Dan Wilson

Wilson is still considered to be one of the best defensive catchers ever to play the game. But it was more than that, it was his knowledge of the game, his great attitude and strong presence that made him a team leader.  The team wouldn’t be complete without Danny.

First Base: Alvin Davis

You don’t get the nickname Mr. Mariner for nothing.  While the M’s have had some first basemen that may have been statistically better than Davis, none could match what he did for the team.  Davis gave the Mariners fans their first glimpse of what it meant to have a superstar on the team.

He was the rookie of the year in 1984 and the first player inducted into the Mariners hall of fame.  And we will just pretend that those 40 games he played for the Angles in 1992 don’t exist.

As far as we are concerned he always was and will be a Mariners legend.

Alvin Davis

As far as we're concerned he'll always be a Mariners legend.

Second Base: Harold Reynolds

The combination of Reynolds and Davis are described by some to be the only reason baseball survived in the Pacific Northwest through the 80’s.  Songs were written about these two.

Seriously… here it is:

As Reynolds has somewhat become the face of Major League Baseball through his role on the MLB network, Mariners fans are happy to claim him as one of their own.  He looks as though he still has enough energy to be playing second base for the M’s now.

I bet Reynolds could have done a better job at second than many who have manned that post since his retirement. (especially that doof in 2010)

Third Base:  Edgar Martinez

Before becoming the best Designated Hitter ever, Edgar was the Mariners third baseman. It is kind of hard to remember him ever doing that at times, but he did appear in 564 games in that position.

However, Edgar is on this team because he committed the whole of his 18 year career to Seattle, he hit the famous double in 1995, and had a street in Seattle named after him.

He also had a career average of .312 lending 2,247 hits to the M’s in his career.  Mariners fans love Edgar.

Short Stop:  Omar Visquel

A-Rod could have had this slot as the fan favorite but he showed the love didn’t go both ways as he pursued money and fame as opposed to family.  Going to Texas of all places.  Texas!

That’s ok because Little O has often been heralded the best short stop EVER!

Take that A-Rod.

Ken Griffey + Ichiro

The Kid put Seattle on the map. Ichiro belongs to a class unto his own.

Left Field:  Jay Buhner

Before you get your pantyhose in a knot there is no disrespect in removing the bone from the boneyard, this is the Mariners all time roster and the only way to have both the bone yard and area 51 would be to make this move.

Buhner started his career as a Yankee but was involved in one of the best one sided trades in baseball history.

Buhner is still active in the organization and still has a locker in the M’s clubhouse.

You can’t have an all-time Mariners Roster and not have Buhner.

That is all.

Center Field: Ken Griffey Jr.

The Kid put Seattle on the map.

People who were not even baseball fans loved Ken Griffey Jr.

He was sensational and touted by many to be one of the most spectacular players of all time.  Imagine if he would have trained and expanded on his natural talent.  He is the true home run king never having fallen prey to the steroid accusations.

He is the backwards cap wearing, practical joking, home run hitting face of the franchise.  Forever.

Right Field:  Ichiro Suzuki

Anyone that is famous enough just to go by their first name is something special.  Ichiro Suzuki bridged the gap between the east and west.  For 10 straight years he offered a consistency never seen before.

With 200 hits per season, a career average of .326 and the durability and strength to play EVERY day and the reigning Mariners all-time hit leader there is no way he wouldn’t make the team.

He loves the Mariners so much, that he has allegedly ousted several mangers.

He belongs to a class unto his own.

Even with recent trials, Mariners fans should always say the name Ichiro with a smile on their face.

A special section of the NWSB has been dedicated to some other famous names and events from the history of the Mariners.

Check it out at the following links. (Managers1995Dave Niehaus)

Agree or disagree? 

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Be sure to comment below.

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