State of the Mariners – weekly notebook | April 23rd

M’s swept clean – save one

Welcome to the fourth edition of the State of the Seattle Mariners update for the 2012 regular season.  In these weekly updates you will find all the information and news regarding the Seattle Mariners Baseball Franchise.

Upcoming Match Ups

The Mariners are off to Motor City to face the Prince and his ferocious Tigers.

This will be the third team for Seattle to face in the A.L. Central division. 

The Tigers are 10-6 heading into this match up after a 2-3 loss against the Texas Rangers.

The M’s will send lefty Jason Vargas (2-1, 2.84 ERA) to the mound to start the series followed by Felix Hernandez (1-1 2.76) and Hector Noesi (1-2 9.49 ERA).  Detroit will send Max Scherzer (1-1, 7.98 ERA) Adam Wilk (0-2 4.00 ERA) and Rick Porcello (1-1 6.32 ERA).

Detroit pitching has been off to a rough start as you can see from their collective ERA, yet the team is 10-6 which means that the offense has been making up for the lackluster performances and injuries to their starters.

Former Mariner Doug Fister was set to be the Tigers number two man but instead has been sitting on the disabled list along with pitchers Al Alberquerque and Luis Marte as well as power hitting catcher Victor Martinez.

The M’s will then head to Toronto for the weekend.  That match up doesn’t look much more promising as something amazing seems to be happening to the team from the great white north. This could be a difficult week.

Recent Results

Seattle went 1-5 for the week which was difficult for the opening series at home.  Maybe there is some truth behind the bad omen of starting the home stand on Friday the 13th.  The crown jewel of frustration came on the day the Mariners were nationally televised losing a to Philip Humber (silent H) in a perfect game.

Mike Carp Seattle Mariners

When is Carp back?

At least as Mariners fans, we often get to see historic games, even if they are against our team instead of for them.

The Mariners are now 7-10 for the season.

The Good News

Offense. The Perfect game excluded, the Mariners are making more things happen on the base paths.  It is obvious that there is still work to be done to be a line up that makes pitchers nervous, but at least something is happening.

It just needs to happen consistently.

The King is back!

Beginning the season there was some concern about Felix’s declining control, but 11 strike outs in 8 innings work held the Mariners to a 1-0 lead over the Indians.  Unfortunately Brandon League had his first blown save of the season.

Jesus Montero. The promised power revealed itself this week as Montero went deep twice this week in Safeco field a good feat for a right handed bat.

The future is wow!

Hisashi Iwakuma. Iwakuma was the last of the M’s Roster not to a appear in a game.  Yet with the meltdown of Hector Noesi, several of the M’s bullpen staff got some work in, including Iwakuma.  He gave up a home run, but other than that was more impressive than Noesi.

The Bad News

The imperfect game. No more needs to be said.

Brandon League. The M’s closer is not looking sharp at all.  He did gain one save this week but that was more by luck than skill.  His blown save was a heart breaker for fans and Felix.

Nobody should disappoint Felix, ever.  It is like disappointing Chuck Norris.


Miquel Olivo. Offensively Olivo started slow last season as well, but ended up as the Mariners home run and RBI leader by the end of the year.  I wont tell you the actuall numbers he lead with, that is disappointing.

However his defense has been dramatically bad so far this season.

There is no question why the Mariners wanted to add roster depth at that position.

Hector Noesi.  After an amazing previous start, Noesi was only able to pitch 1 and 1/3 innings before he was pulled from the game. bad. bad. bad. bad.

Roster Moves / Trades

News reports came through about the Mariners signing an amateur free agent out of the Dominican Republic named Hersin Martinez.  Martinez is a power hitting out field prospect, the Mariners were willing to put a 1.1 million dollar wager on his success with the franchise.

It is exciting to see the M’s looking to add some potential for pop.

A more curious move come from the Mariners purchasing the contract of 27 year old outfielder Chris Pettit.  Pettit is described more as a pinch runner than anything else.

The California native was drafted by the Angles in 2006 and has played a total of 11 major league games.  He was released by the Angels but invited to try out with the Dodgers this spring.

After failing to make the club he is now with the Tacoma Rainiers.  This is likely to cover for the injured Carlos Peguerro rather than promote a AA guy that wasn’t ready to make the transition to an upper level ball club yet.

Injury Report

Adam Moore, who was on a rehab assignment with AAA Tacoma had a major set back this week is undergoing surgery on a torn meniscus.  A similar knee injury sidelined Moore for the entirety of the 2011 season.

Statue of Dave Niehaus

Seattle Mariners Weekly Notebook - April 23rd

Mike Carp is taking longer than expected in his return and will be making a lengthy appearance at AAA as he recovers.

The M’s may be trying to buy time to make difficult roster decisions.

Franklin Gutierrez is also taking longer than expected in his rehabilitation process.  While things seemed to moving along well initially, it is as if the M’s have put the brakes on the former gold glove recipient.

Could it be that Guti further injured himself while rushing to make it back to the team?

Justin Smoak was also benched for 2 games this week as he experienced quad soreness. This is concerning as the M’s were relying on Smoak to be the next Mark Teixeira this season.

M’s in the Community

On the home opener, a minor tragedy struck as credit card machines stopped working during the game.  Rather than blame the vendors, the M’s extended out free tickets to all the fans in attendance that night.  That was a quality move to correct a mistake.


The draft for Major League Baseball will be held on June 4-6.  Jack Zduriencik has proven his ability to locate talent out of the draft and the M’s will have the 3rd, 64th, 98th, 126th and 131th picks.

Most of the gossip has revolved around the Mariners positioning themselves to be sold.  It is starting to become obvious that the Mariners are about to break out of a decade long slump.  With these pieces being put together it could attract a new owner.

Who wants to go in and buy the team with me?

Division News

Not surprisingly Texas has secured their place of first in the A.L. West.

Surprisingly the Angles can’t seem to get their game together.  I think the players are weighed down with those big pay checks.

What’s on tap this week?

Date vs Last Meeting
4/24/12 @DET 7-3 6/12/11
4/25/12 @DET 7-3 6/12/11
4/26/12 @DET 7-3 6/12/11
4/27/12 @TOR 1-5 8/17/11
4/28/12 @TOR 1-5 8/17/11


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