MLB Inkling: What Adam Moore’s injury tells the Seattle Mariners…

Moore Suffers Wrist Fracture

The Mariners have undergone their third loss of the season and it is still only the beginning of March.

Franklin Gutierrez tore his pectoral muscle and will be out for at least 4 weeks.

Carlos Guillin, who was supposed to add a veteran presence for the M’s this season retired when his body couldn’t keep up.

Now catcher Adam Moore has injured his wrist blocking the ball behind the plate.  Moore was out all of the 2011 season after a knee injury, but he had played well in the offseason as well as this spring training.

The latest update. X-rays were taken and revealed a fracture in the third metacarpal in his wrist.

From the Larry Larue blog on the News Tribune this morning we’ve also found out “Moore arrived at camp this morning with a brace, not a cast, on his right wrist and said a hand specialist told him the ‘break’ was not as serious as he’d expected.”

Here are five things that this injury means to the M’s

1.    Moore’s injury opens up the clears the road for John Jaso.

This offseason the M’s really worked hard to build depth at the catcher position.  Sitting behind Miquel Olivo and Jesus Montero, Moore and John Jaso were competing for a possible third catcher position on the 25 man roster.

2.    Moore’s injury may seal his fate for a major league career

Believe it or not, at one point Adam Moore was a fairly well respected catching prospect, but one of the major requirements to be a catcher is durability.

Moore continued early season injuries may point to the fact that he is not up to the pressures of a Major League level catcher.

Adam Moore

It would be interesting to see if the team tries to move Moore to outfielder

Like Eric Wedge, he may have to cut his losses and try for a coaching career.

3.    Moore’s injury may give the M’s cause to continue in versatility training

The M’s more than most teams try to work to get their players in multiple positions.  Moore has a decent bat that has yet to be displayed because of his issues staying healthy behind the plate.

It would be interesting to see if the team tries to move Moore to outfielder, or even as a first base prospect.

4.    Moore’s injury may point to a higher need for durability training

Injuries can be the death of a team.  The M’s should consider reassessing the organizational strategies on conditioning and durability training as several players have now been injured in routine ways.

5.    Are The Rainiers calling?

Moore’s injury may mean a good opportunity for him to get every day at bats in Tacoma.

If Moore had been healthy and made the big league club his effectiveness may have wained without every day at bats.

This injury will likely force the M’s to use his minor league option and actually get him more playing time.

This will likely be his last chance to make a good impression on the franchise before being cut.


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