Here’s what I need to see out of Eric Wedge in 2013

A letter to the M’s skipper

There is a lot being said about the expectation and projections for many of the Mariners young players and incoming veterans this season.

Much of it centers on Justin Smoak to live up to his failed hype and to become the middle of the lineup guy we wanted out of the Cliff Lee trade.

I really hope that the bone spur issue that was reported about Dustin Ackley was true and not just an excuse to justify why he was so bad last year.

Eric Wedge Mariners Manager

It’s go time Mr. Wedge. Win now or forever suffer the consequences (Photo: Bleacher Report)

Brendan Ryan just needs to hit the ball more.

The big three need to make it to the big leagues and Mike Morse needs to punish the ball.

There are literally thousands of blog posts out there about all of those things.

Some of which we are seeing in the early stages of spring training, but what I need to see isn’t on the field, it is in the manager’s office.

So what about Eric Wedge

When Eric Wedge came in, I didn’t really know him.

I didn’t spend a lot of time evaluating managers and coaches. I just wanted to enjoy the game for what it was.

However, when I asked the question to other M’s fans, they assured me that Wedge was a no nonsense guy that would turn this overturned ship wreck into a smooth sailing ocean cruiser.

I haven’t seen that.

I think he has been good, but not great.

I think he let guys get away with a lot the last two seasons in the name of “experience”, but enough with experience – I want to see that the guy cares as much about winning these games as I do.

Sometimes I am screaming at my radio telling the Mariners what to do – and I hear nothing from Wedge.

After the game he is interviewed, and although honest, I just don’t sense the passion flowing through that vein in his forehead that scares players and umpires alike.

He doesn’t need to try to be Lou, but I would like him to be something more.

With that thought here is a letter to the skipper

Dear Eric,

First of all, I would like to say, I admire your patience. 

Get mad Eric Wedge! We Are!

Get mad Eric Wedge! We Are!

There have been days where I have shut off my TV in disgust at what I have seen this team do. You don’t have that option – you have to live through it every day. I’m not sure how you do it. However, I have some requests for you this upcoming season.

I figured with this being your third year I could come to you and say – it’s time:

It’s time to show us your passion.

Time to get angry at the press for dissing on your players.

You don’t need to make excuses, but you don’t need to let the press point the fingers that they do.  Give us a reason to believe.  And on the field, show us how you really feel about that crappy umpiring.

Get mad. We are.

It’s time to show us your commitment to winning.

Talk is cheap. Show us that you are willing to make the tough decisions.

I admire you moved Ichiro in the order and gave Chone Figgins a chance last season, but the time for “graceful” moves is over.

Experimenting time is over: It is time to expect more.

It’s time to win. I know that the expectations are not too too high – so it should be easy to impress us with what you can inspire your players to do.

I need to see wins. Give us a reason to expect great things instead of bad things.

We need it.  We need it from you.

Sincerely, Mariners fans!

Go M’s


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  • GetReal

    It’s very hard to win when you have a lineup of castoffs and rookies. Don’t expect too much beyond last season’s record.

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