5 Things The Seattle Mariners Will Miss About Greg Halman

You Will Be Missed Greg

It is a sad day for the Seattle Mariners family today with the tragic loss of the Netherlands native Greg Halman.


These are difficult days for the Mariners organization, but there is unspeakable grief for a family where one brother is dead and the other is suspected to be at fault.

The thoughts and prayers of the fans are extended out to the family on this day.

We hope for peace to rest on Greg and on the rest of the family in this tumultuous time.

We want to respect and honor the memory of Greg Halman by listing the top 5 things that the Mariners will miss about this young outfielder as a result of this terrible loss:


Halman was drafted as an international free agent at the age of 16 and at one point was considered to be the number one prospect in the Mariners farm system.  Defensively Halman showed great range and speed in the outfield and was often referred to by fans as the flying Dutchman.

He was in contention for an opening day spot with the Mariners in 2012.

The Mariners will miss him in that competition.


The Dutch outfielder had his struggles developing plate discipline but was still a leading presence in the Mariner’s future power potential.  In 2010 he lead the entire M’s organization with 35 home runs.  For a club struggling to put up numbers on the scoreboard the potential Halman offered will be missed.

Greg Halman

5 Things The Mariners Will Miss About Greg Halman


As a native of Europe Halman had a different perspective on life and open the game of baseball itself.  With the success of Ichiro and Felix, the Mariners put a lot of stock in their international scouting success.

Halman spoke four languages and literally helped interpret and bridge the gap to many of the Mariners international players as well as bringing in a European fan base.


Even many of the candid shots of Halman show him sporting a smile.  Many sources have said that he had an infectious nature in spreading a good mood.  Seattle has not hosted the happiest of clubhouses over the years, having a guy with an eternal smile on the bench would have meant a lot to a struggling franchise.


The M’s have been working hard at improving, both on the field and off.  In the rebuilding process, the M’s have looked for team players more than individual talent.  The results are noticeable.  A loss like this is more difficult than a loss on the field.

Death is difficult to deal with, a tragic death more so, a death in these circumstances must feel insurmountable.

These sports teams are a lot more like families than we remember. 

The Mariners will grieve his loss, not just for his talent, but for the person he was.

Rest in Peace Greg.       

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