Could we be seeing the last of one, or all of these Mariners?

Who stays? Who Goes?

As Mariners fans, we know how scary the trade deadline can be.

This team has been built around a plethora of deadline deals that have worked more for the other team than our own.

This year is no exception. The Mariners are treading water a cool 10 games under .500, though the past week has seen some good ball out of the boys in blue.

To my count, we currently have five guys who could be valued assets for teams trying to make the push to the post season: Kendrys Morales, Michael Morse, Brendan Ryan, Raul Ibanez, and Oliver Perez.

But is it time to give up on this little run yet?

Who stays

In my opinion it would be pure suicide to let these two players go at the end of the month; Morales and Ibanez.


Raul Ibanez has to remain in Seattle if the M’s want to win this year. (Photo: Google)

Yes the youth movement is in full swing in Seattle, but without these two players, who have been our MVPs all year, the wind will be swept out from under the sails.

It isn’t a stretch to say that the likes of Mike Zunino, Nick Franklin and Brad Miller were brought up only to save a couple of jobs (Wedge and Jack Z), but would it hurt to have a couple veterans stick around to try to make a run a la the Oakland A’s?

To get rid of five veterans who may have some trade value to re-stock a farm system that shouldn’t be needed for quite a while is counterintuitive to what the franchise has worked for.

That would be the equivalent of sending the number one draft pick QB out to be the opening day starter for the Cleveland Browns, it just doesn’t make much sense.

Besides the fact that whatever success we have seen from this team this year will be lost, with the expectations that our young players can’t produce on their own. Talk about a career killer.

With Kendrys and Ibanez sticking around, it isn’t out of the question that this team could make a run for the second Wild Card spot.

Who’s going

Michael Morse has been a bust. Plain and simple.

It’s too bad too after the first week he had this season, but he never recovered from the injury to his finger and then the one to his leg after that.

If we can get something of value for him I say Jack Z should jump all over it, no questions asked. The Morse was never truly with us this year anyways.

Brendan Ryan‘s time has come and gone for this team as well. Now destined to ride the pine for a sub .500 ball club, let us do the dignified thing and try to move him to a team where he will actually play.


Michael Morse has been a bust once again for the M’s. (Photo: Google)

There is still a lot of game in his glove, but I’m not so sure there ever was any in his bat.

As is the case every time a player gets traded, I will be sad to see both of these players go, especially because they have been so great with the fans in the area.

Morse may or may not bolt to the highest bidder come the offseason anyways, so why not try to get something in return for a player that hasn’t done much for this club this year anyways.

And then there’s Perez

Oliver Perez is a player that we really can’t afford to get rid of, but he has been so good this year that his return value may be too good to say no to.

That scares me the most.

If Perez goes, we are stuck with a bullpen that isn’t as lights out as it was to start the year.

Tom Wilhelmsen has been shaky at best, Carter Capps seems to have one speed, and the rest of the league has picked up on that.

Charlie Furbush and Blake Beavan are like a crap shoot every time they take the mound, and then there’s the ever revolving slot that belongs to Lucas Luetge and the whole staff in Tacoma.

Right now Yoervis Medina seems to be the only constant, but how long can he keep that up for.

Without Perez, the anchor loses its hold, and all late inning games can be lost on one pitch. Kind of a scary thought if you ask me.


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