Rangers vs Mariners In Seattle: Pitching, series preview, analysis & predictions

Things Are Just BIGGER In Texas

July 13-15

Will the Seattle Mariners be able to avoid a 100 loss season?  Find out as they start the second half of the season with 51 losses.

Pitching match ups

Game 88: RHP – Kevin Millwood vs. LHP – Derek Holland

Matchup | Preview

Texas Rangers

Texas for 3 Games

Kevin Millwood hasn’t won a game since the end of May, but has pitched well in his past few starts.  He has had good success against a hot Texas line up as well.

It will be interesting to see if Josh Hamilton can keep up his .400 batting average against the veteran pitchers in this series.

I am hoping not.

  • * Current line: 3-6 / 3.69 ERA / 35 BB / 69 SO / 1.31 WHIP

Holland was the pitcher of record when the Mariners had their 21 run game in the end of May.  That also happened to be the day he shaved off his terrible mustache.

Baseball players being the superstitious type, I bet Holland has the sad excuse for facial hair back tonight.

He has only 2 starts since then due to a shoulder injury that put him on the DL, maybe the M’s can get to him again.

  • * Current Line: 5-4 / 5.05 ERA / 12 BB / 63 SO / 1.33 WHIP
  • * Left handed batters are hitting Holland better than righties.  Maybe Justin Smoak shouldn’t switch tonight.

Game 89: RHP – Felix Hernandez vs. RHP – Yu Darvish

The All Star pitcher actually didn’t pitch in the all star game so he is all rested and ready to go for his next start.  Although Felix Hernandez got an extra day off, that has not always been a good thing for his mental game.

Hopefully he can stay on track with his last 5 starts where he has pitched excellent ball.

  • * Felix’s ERA has dropped to 3.13 on the season and against Texas this season it is only 1.13
  • * Current Line: 6-5 / 3.13 ERA / 35 BB / 128 SO / 1.23 WHIP

The Mariners have the inside edge on Darvish this season pushing his ERA over 8 against this Seattle team.

It is interesting how Seattle plays so well against dominate teams and struggles agaist average teams.

I think it really is a mental thing, they can reach down for extra when they are playing the best guys, the rest of the time they are just sitting on their hands.

  • * Current Line: 10-5 / 3.59 ERA / 53 BB / 117 SO / 1.36 WHIP

Game 90: RHP – Hisashi Iwakuma vs. RHP – Matt Harrison

Hisashi Iwakuma is up for his second start of the season and will be looking to impress.  Hopefully his woes are over and he will become the pitcher the M’s envisioned when they signed him.

  • * Current Line: 6-5 / 3.26 ERA / 32 BB / 122 SO / 1.23 WHIP

Matt Harrison has had a great season with 11 wins through the first half.  The M’s will need to work hard to prevent him from gaining the 12th.

  • * Current line 6-7 / 4.05 ERA / 17 BB / 58 SO / 1.29 WHIP
Safeco Field, Seattle

Tonight at Safeco. Game 88: RHP – Kevin Millwood vs. LHP – Derek Holland

Rangers vs. M’s Series Predictions

Game 1:

I’m not super hopeful that the M’s will win this game, but I think it is possible – that is an improvement on my attitude. Prediction:  Win (Mariners 6 – Rangers 4)

Game 2:

The Mariners should have the edge in this match up with Felix on the hill and Yu Darvish throwing against them.  I think we should see some good things. Prediction: Win (Mariners 3 – Rangers 2)

Game 3:

I’m not looking forward to this game at all.  Prediction: Loss (Rangers 12 – Mariners 1) But 2 out of 3 ain’t to shabby.

Other News:

The Mariners signed David Pauley to a minor league deal.  Pauley played for the M’s last season until he was traded along with Doug Fister to the Tigers.

The Mariners have split 10 meetings with the Rangers this season, with the highlight of the season coming when they scored 31 runs in back-to-back victories in Texas in late May.  Seattle is batting just .195 in 41 games at Safeco Field.

Texas outfielder Nelson Cruz is batting just .147 (5-for-34) with 13 strikeouts against Seattle this season. Two of the hits are homers.


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