Mariners vs. Orioles in Baltimore: Pitching, series preview, analysis and predictions

Gotta beat the O’s

August 6-8

What goes up must come down.  Can the Seattle Mariners bounce back from disappointment in the Bronx?

Pitching match ups:

Game 111: LHP – Jason Vargas vs. RHP – Chris Tillman

Matchup | Preview

Jason Vargas is hoping that August will be as effective for him as July.  Last month he tied a club record of number of wins in a month and was named AL pitcher of the month.

  • Current Line: 12-7 / 3.71 ERA / 42 BB / 100 SO / 1.14 WHIP

Tillman was originally drafted by the Mariners in 2006, but never made it higher than single A ball in the organization.  He was a part of one of the worst trades the Mariners franchise ever made in sending off a bunch of their best for Erik Bedard.

Tillman is putting up impressive numbers this season with an ERA of 2.70 compared to his career average of 5.21.

  • Current Line: 4-1 / 2.70 ERA / 9 BB / 20 SO / 1.31 WHIP

Game 112: RHP – Blake Beaven vs. LHP – Zach Britton

Beaven has not lost a game since his return from AAA. Blake Beaven struggles the most when the pressure goes up from having runners on base, unlike Felix who bears down once he is dealing with base runners.

Control is not a problem, as is evidenced by only posting 12 walks all season, but trying to be perfect rarely works.

  • Current line: 7-6 / 5.06 ERA / 12 BB / 48 SO / 1.22 WHIP.

There are a lot of doubts about this lefty as Britton looks to be struggling with the shoulder that has kept him on the disabled list this season.  The Mariners have been hitting left handed pitching better since the all star break so perhaps they could have the advantage here.

  • Current Line: 1-1 / 8.35 ERA / 14 BB / 11 SO / 2.02 WHIP

Game 113:  RHP – Kevin Millwood vs. RHP – Tommy Hunter

Kevin Millwood hasn’t pitched poorly, but pitching is more than throwing a ball well, it’s about inspiring the team to work hard for the win.  Millwood is supposed to be the veteran leader on the team yet the Mariners consistently offer the old guy no run support.

It is hard to have faith in a guy the team doesn’t have faith him themselves.

  • Current Line: 4-9 / 4.01 ERA / 42 BB / 86 SO / 1.38 WHIP

Tommy Hunter’s ERA at home is over 5 which should give the Mariners some hope heading into this game.  Actually the whole of this series could be a momentum builder for the series against the Angels.

Jason Vargas, Seattle Mariners

Last month Jason Vargas tied a club record of number of wins in a month. He pitches game 1 today.

  • Current Line: 4-7 / 5.55  ERA / 19 BB /  60 SO / 1.37 WHIP

M’s vs. O’s Series Predictions

Game 1:

This will be the most difficult match up of the three, as Tillman has been pitching well. Prediction:  Loss (Mariners 3 – Orioles 4)

Game 2:

Beaven can out pitch Britton for sure. Prediction: Win (Mariners 5 – Orioles 4)

Game 3: 

Hunter will be hunted. Prediction: Win (Mariners 5 – Orioles 4)


Seattle SS Brendan Ryan may return to the lineup after missing Sunday’s contest with a left elbow injury. Mike Carp also missed the game to be with his wife for the birth of their daughter.

Baltimore 1B Mark Reynolds, who went hitless in the weekend series, has no homers has 27 strikeouts in his last 18 games. He is 0-for-5 in his career versus Jason Vargas. The Mariners have not fared well versus the AL East, posting an 11-19 mark.


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