Five Creative strategies the Mariners can use to win games in 2012

Now pitching: Larry Bernandez ??

The Seattle Mariners have been difficult to watch over the past decade and while the team is in the midst of rebuilding, Safeco Field is becoming a virtual ghost town.

While the Mariners management cannot let go of the plans they have to develop from within the organization, they also cannot increase their budget to match that of a small country.

They can institute a few strategies, though, that can assure them of a few more wins over the course of the season while they are waiting for the rebuilding to be completed.

Here they are.

1.    Redesigned attitude

Changing a look can sometimes spur an attitude change.  Baseball rules clearly state that uniforms cannot have a logo that looks like an actual baseball due to confusion.  Uniforms are also regulated to have no shiny metal buttons that could cause glare issues.

However, the rules do not state that the uniforms could not, for instance, be made to look like Jedi Knights.  The bats could be made to look like Light Sabers.

Alternate uniforms could be anything from ballerinas, to bear costumes.

The sky is the limit.

The distraction would play as an advantage for the M’s.

2.    A defensive third baseman

The Mariners have pretty good defense but it never hurts to add a few additional components.  With the inconsistency of Chone Figgins and the continued need for development of young players like Kyle Seager and Alex Liddi, third base is virtually in a place of open tryouts.

I think adding a comedian like Jerry Seinfeld on at third base could help to demoralize the opponents the M’s have on the basepaths.

Felix Hernandez as Larry Bernandez

Could Larry Bernandez finally get into the starting rotation?

3.    Play up the home field advantage

While the physiological strategies may have some effectiveness there are some physical components that could be added to make Safeco Field have more of a “Home Field Advantage.”  For instance, adding electrical shock devices to the bases to prevent “safe” calls for the opposing team.

Some have considered moving in the walls at Safeco, but I think they should only move in for the M’s and out for the other team.

4.    Contract incentives

There are positive incentives out there for players that do well, For instance I think Chone Figgins gets a bonus if he reaches a certain number of at bats, however, what if players were fined for getting a strike out.

I think the M’s could get their money’s worth out of slumping players that way.

5.    Develop more talent

Of course the M’s have been working on this to some degree, but seeing as Seattle is on the leading edge of technological development it would be good to see the M’s put more effort into cloning players like Felix Hernandez who could pitch for them every day.

After all, the concept of Larry Bernandez is out there already – Is it really bad to dream about that reality?


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