Do the 2012 Seattle Mariners have an All Star in their lineup?

What do M’s have to offer?  Witty comic relief?

With Major League Baseball edging up on the halfway point of the season, talk of all-star selection comes to mind.  In the midst of a dismal season for the Seattle Mariners, the belligerent fan looks over the roster and is hard pressed to find a player he feels worthy of his vote.

This leads to an obvious question: What is an all-star anyway?

Let’s get this straight.  An all-star is in the dictionary is defined as: “athletes chosen at the best of their position in a league”, the best of the best.

An All-Star is a stat king!

2012 MLB All Star Game

This year’s All Star Game is in Kansas City. Do they Mariners have anybody worthy of attending?

Using Yahoo’s fantasy player rankings there are no Mariners listed in the top 75 players in the Major Leagues. None.

So as far as stats go, the M’s receive strike one!

It is baseball tradition that position players are selected by the fans.

In this case, players that are more deserving may lose out to a fan favorite.  This is the fan’s opportunity to assemble a dream team for the year.

Baseball fans tip their hats to players that tip their back.

An All-Star is well loved!

In years past, the Mariners have had a position player that fans all across baseball nation respected or adored.  Players they would vote for over their own team.

Players like Ken Griffey Jr, John Olerud and Ichiro Suzuki.

This year however, M’s fans may like what they are seeing from Michael Saunders, but the rest of the baseball universe likely doesn’t even know he exists.

Sad but true.

So as far as love goes the M’s receive strike two!

If the fans get a say, so should the players – and for that reason, pitcher selection is done by active players.  This is all about respect.  One pitcher may look better on TV, and have better stats, but the players that face him know the real story.  As baseball players often say, numbers lie.

An All-Star is respected!

The M’s don’t carry a lot of respect these days.  As the ace of the pitching staff and a Cy Young award to back him up, I think Felix Hernandez will get a lot of votes from his peers, but he may not get enough to make the team.

After all, Felix has shown to be extremely vulnerable this year and he has admitted himself that he doesn’t like what he sees.

So as far as respect goes the M’s receive strike three.

By all logic the M’s should be out but the rules state that all 30 teams of the MLB have to be represented to fill the 31 man roster for each team.

That being the case who are the three most likely candidates to receive the pity selection?

Kyle Seager

Tom Wilhelmsen

Tom Wilhelmsen could represent the Mariners in this year’s MLB All Star Game

Kyle Seager started the spring just hoping to make the club to being the hitting leader on the team.

He is in the top ten in his position for home runs (with 10) and second only to Adrian Beltre for RBI for a third baseman (with 45).

His average of .269, fielding percentage of .969 and OPS of .776 have likely kneecapped him from getting the votes he would need to make the team.

Charlie Furbush

With a name like Furbush, he would not likely help Seattle gain anything on the respect scale, and while M’s fans have little faith in him due to his dismal turn in the starting rotation last season – he is actually in the top 20 relievers this year. 

Charlie Furbush has a 3 and 1 record with a 2.28 ERA in the 25 games he has appeared.  That is good, but the real kick ass stat is his 11.4 strike outs per nine innings.

That is quality, but it may not be all that well known.

Does “The Bush” have enough klout to be an all-star?

Tom Wilhelmsen

Of all the players to fit the bill with stats, love and respect – the Cinderella story of a bartender turned Major Leaguer may just be the glass slipper the M’s need to have an all-star that is more than a pity vote after all. 

Tom Wilhelmsen’s ERA of 3.00 isn’t going to win him the honor, but a wicked Uncle Charlie (Curveball) and 11 strike outs per 9 innings could be enough to win him a spot.


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