Who are the Seattle Mariners looking to fill center field role?

Why is Saunders on the roster?

This spring the Mariners started spring training with news that was as hearty as a steak dinner.

Franklin Gutierrez was healthy and in the best shape of his life.  This news quickly became a pool of vomit on the floor of the locker room as Gutierrez tore his pectoral muscle.

Steak doesn’t taste as good when has been half digested and regurgitated.

Even though the Mariners have publicly said that they were looking to lean heavily on Guti, last year they made several trades indicating that they could be looking for something more reliable, with more power and better on gas.

If Guti was going to be healthy, they had the defensive edge nailed and could work on actually hitting the ball instead of just doing baseball player impressions at the plate.

Now he is out and the M’s can take a serious look at the future in center field.

The front runner: Casper Wells

Pros:  Casper Wells is on twitter. Find him at @upstateballer

He doesn’t post a ton, but likes to interact with the Seattle fan base. Oh yeah, he can play all the outfield slots because he has good range and a strong arm.

He also provides some pop from the right side of the plate. Plus he has a cool name.

Cons: He has a big nose that could get in the way of pitches. He seems to be at risk for the Seattle curse as he hit .216 for the M’s after hitting .286 for the Tigers.

The wildcard: Trayvon Robinson

Pros:  Trayvon Robinson smiles.

A lot.

Like he actually enjoys playing baseball.

Casper Wells

Future center fielder? At least he's on Twitter @upstateballer

He is fast.

This offers some amazing range in the outfield and is a threat on the basepaths.  And he swings both ways, if you know what I mean… As in literally.

He is a switch hitter offering versatility in the line up.

Cons: He is erratic.  One day he is awesome, the next day he is forgettable.

It is like he gets distracted as easily as…hey is that a squirrel?

The promising promise breaker: Michael Saunders

Wait, Michael Saunders is still on the 40 man roster?  And seems to be leading the race to fill in for Guti?

There must be a reason.

Pros: Looks good in the uniform.  At least female fans across the twitterverse seem to think so.  I think, he looks like a future star.

Athletic, strong, fast and competent.

Cons: His pants are two tight.  I think that they may be cutting off blood flow to his lower body.

The problem really is that he is never the same player in the majors as he is in the spring or at AAA.

But everyone seems to forget that he has career .196 batting average.

When it comes to Saunders on the roster M’s fans, trust me on this one, he isn’t the player he promises to be.


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