Mariners 2012 outfield battle rages on as team heads for Japan

Wedge facing difficult decisions

When the Seattle Mariners started spring training the outfield looked to be well set for opening day as Mike Carp, who at one time was going to be the first baseman of the future, was announced to be the starting left fielder.

Ichiro Suzuki, despite losing his gold glove status and dressing like the Japanese version of Lady GaGa, would again be in right field again in the 2012 season.

Center field was locked by “death to flying things” otherwise known as Franklin Gutierrez.  Guti had come off a very difficult season looking stronger and healthier than other.

Then as random luck would have it, Guti tore his pectoral by throwing a ball from center field.  (He really should have known better than do something so silly).

Casper Wells, acquired in the “Doug Fister” trade last season, showed capability on both the defensive and offense categories.  He also has a bigger nose than Barbara Streisand, which is quite an accomplishment.

It seemed pretty much in the bag that he would be the fourth outfielder until… Michael Saunders stepped on the field looking like a new man.  Maybe was a new man?

Did anyone think to do a DNA test?  Well at any rate, with Guti out both Saunders and Wells had a place on the team as spring began.

Carlos Peguero, Seattle Mariners

Will Peguero make the team? And will he set a special record?

But do they still?

Carlos Peguero descended into spring training like an angel…er… no wait Angel is just his middle name.  Who does that to their kid? Although Peguero only hit .196 last season, it was still better than Chone Figgins who is paid about nine million more per season and is assured a roster spot this season.

And it also doesn’t hurt that he is leading the team in home runs this spring either.  Peguero had a great off season where he lead the Dominican league in every offensive category and in the conga line at the karaoke bar.  (That last bit may be made up).

Read the actual off season report here: MLB Offseason Report: Mariners Carlos Peguero

Peguero seems to have a better approach this season.  And while he will hold the club record in strike outs if he makes the team, but with Justin Smoak and Jesus Montero hitting ahead of him, he could see some better pitches to hit.

With better pitches he just has to sneeze on the ball and it leaves Safeco in a hurry.  His defense is not as good as Wells’, but if Peguero is combined with Saunders, the management could make that work.

Wells does have a minor league option so it could very well be that what we though was for sure, was nothing more than a fairy tale.

Enough of this already, lets Play ball!


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  • Jason Vargas and Casper Wells will not be with the team before the end of the season.

  • Baseballman

     Peguera will lead the team in strike outs with Smoak and Montero not far behind. This is a middle of the lineup that will lead the majors in Ks I fear!

  • Cyberscribe

    Besides Peguero, both Mike Wilson and Robinson had better springs than Casper Wells. No one should have an automatic berth on this team. If you put the same team (plus Montero) on the field as last year, why would you expect a different outcome?

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