Mariners Options: They Need A left handed pitching specialist in 2012

Shopping At The Leftorium

There is no doubt that left handed pitchers are in high demand in the MLB. Having a pitcher that knows how to take full advantage of his unique ability is something all teams are looking to add to their arsenal in the bullpen.


This is obvious in the fact that the Yankees picked up the Mariners left over Aaron Laffey after they designated him for assignment to make room for some of their late season roster moves.

With the loss of Laffey the Mariners found themselves without a left hander to work out of the pen, but with their record it didn’t matter a ton to be looking for statistical advantages.

When the Mariners put together their invitations for spring training, filling the role of left handed specialist will be on the minds of the management.

These are the most realistic options the M’s have in fulfilling the much needed role of a left handed specialist.

C.J. Wilson

While C.J. Has made the transition into being a starter and even had 16 wins for Texas this season it seems that he has a bit too much inconsistency for Nolan Ryan to consider resigning the left hander.

While he would be an expensive pick up he could work out of the pen for the M’s as a long relief as well as a specialist.

Hideki Okajima

Okajima, who is up for free agency, has failed to live up to live up to expectations in Tea Town despite being an all star in 2007 and holding a career 3.11. He played in only 7 games for the Sox in 2011 before being moved to AAA Pawtucket where he posted a 2.29 with 8 wins and 1 loss in 34 games.

It could be that Hideki just needs a change of scenery to succeed at the big league level.

Hideki Okajmia

Coud we see Hideki Okajima with the M's in 2012?

Charlie Furbush

Furbush came into fill a missing starting role and shows some potential to succeed, while ultimately he could be a starter for Seattle it could be that he is the left handed option that the Mariners are looking for no further than than their own depth chart.

However Seattle could really use some leadership and experience in the pen that Furbush doesn’t really offer.

Erik Bedard

It is a very real possibility that Seattle is the only team that that would have enough faith in Bedard to resign him after all the injuries that he has plaugued the team with. If he could transition to a relief role he could be a dynamic pick up. However his weakness would be adapting to a role where he is not on the structured routine of a starter.

Question is if he will try to reclaim his career at all or simply let sleeping dogs lie.

Ceaser Jimenez

Jimenez has failed to impress the Mariners so much that they continue to trade for players that bump him further away from a role on the 25 man roster. He is likely to be a back up reliever in Tacoma to cover an injury if needed, but doesn’t bring the edge the Mariners need to be contenders in 2012.

Willie it isn’t outside the realm of possibility it is unlikely.

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  • What I left out of this post is the possibility of trades. Up on my list is Bastardo who pitched for the Phillies this season. Beside having a unfortunate name he seemed to be exactly what the M’s need. Question is how could we convince the phillies to move him?

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