Top surprise performances of the Seattle Mariners spring

Do you like surprises?

The Mariners are just into double digits in spring training games, so there is still plenty of time for testing the talents of the young roster before the season begins.

The M’s are coming off one of the most dismal seasons in baseball history in terms of offensive production.

And thus, Seattle is looking for changes that can help them to win games.

While the newly acquired Jesus Montero and returning veterans Justin Smoak and Mike Carp are expected to have big years, there have been a few performances which have been surprising to say the least.

Michael Saunders

One of the most surprising stories coming out of the Mariners camp is Michael Saunders.

This young player from Canada has struggled mightily over the past few seasons after a promising AAA career.

2011 was particularly difficult on the field as well as off, as he faced his mother’s death.

However, Saunders has come into camp with a better than average launch out of the gates.  Spring stats mean little, but the approach and attitude mean a lot more.

Of course hitting over .400 is never a bad thing spring or not.

Carlos Peguero

There is no doubt that Carlos Peguero has power.  It seems he can intimidate the ball out of the park.  The problem has been plate discipline for the big guy.

And that continues, although he leads the club in home runs he also leads the team in strike outs with a commanding lead.

Carlos Peguero

There is no doubt that Peguero has power.

The encouraging thing is that Peguero isn’t trying to launch the ball in every at bat but concentrating on making solid contact.

As such he is getting on base more, scoring more and driving in more runs.  What else can you ask for?

Munenori Kawasaki

The Japanese star has a good reputation, but adjusting to American style ball is not seamless, although Munenori Kawasaki is making it look that way.

He plays like a veteran, which is something the Mariners are desperate for.

He is giving Wedge quality at bats, hits, RBI’s and stolen bases.

The shortstop position is obviously filled with a gold glove caliber man in Brendan Ryan, but Kawasaki could make things interesting in deciding the final roster.

Only time will tell if these guys are offering stuff for the long term or just flirting with the fans for attention.

But you know, flirting can be fun too.


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