Red Sox vs. Mariners in Seattle: Pitching, series preview, analysis & predictions

Wildcard 10.5 Games Back

September 3-5

The Red Sox and Mariners both reside in last place of their respective divisions, but that’s all they seem to share in common.

Pitching match ups:

Game 135: RHP – Clay Bucholtz vs. LHP – Jason Vargas

Bucholtz has double digits in his win column despite holding a 4.50 ERA.  Bucholtz is a groundball pitcher as evidenced by the fact that 48.4% of the balls he throws are grounders.

The 28-year-old Texan has not faced Seattle this season, but in his last outing against them he held the Mariners to a .174 average but gave up three walks and a home run.

* Current Line: 11-4 / 4.50 ERA / 49 BB / 101 SO / 1.32 WHIP

For being nicknamed “Mr. Consistent” this season, you wouldn’t know it from his past two starts.  Maybe Jason Vargas has been lulled into a false sense of security now that the trade deadline has passed and he has to catch up on his suck factor.

So far this season Vargas has had 2 starts against the BoSox and is 0-1 with a 3.86 ERA and has given up 3 home runs and 5 walks.

* Current Line: 13-9 / 3.90 ERA / 47 BB / 116 SO / 1.18 WHIP

Game 136: LHP – John Lester vs. RHP – Blake Beaven

The Red Sox have had lots of issues this year – one of them is defense.  Lester is a 6 year veteran who’s Fielding Independent Percentage (FIP – Basically a stat that measures what a pitcher’s ERA would be if his team didn’t suck) is a 3.98 compared with his actual ERA of 5.01.

He isn’t completely without blame.  His strikeout is lower than in previous years and he has given up more home runs this year than ever before in his career.

Ok maybe one of the Sox problems is John Lester as well.

* Current line: 8-11 / 5.01 ERA / 53 BB / 141 SO / 1.37 WHIP
* The Mariners have a combined history of a .232 batting average against Lester

The Mariners are sending Blake Beaven to the mound.  What I like about Beaven is that he really is a major league caliber pitcher at this point.

The rookie label is gone and I think that he is either here to stay ot good trade material for the off season.  Part of that faith is from the record his stint in AAA this season: 4-0 in 6 starts and a 2.61 ERA.

He will be looking to get his 10th win of the season.  With a winning record he is setting himself up as a contender for 2013.

He was a part of the 2010 Cliff Lee trade, everyone thought Justin Smoak was the centerpiece to that deal, but maybe it was this guy right here.

* Current Line:  9-8 / 4.95 ERA / 19 BB / 60 SO / 1.27 WHIP
* Since his return from AAA Tacoma Beaven is 6-2

Game 137:  RHP – Aaron Cook vs. RHP – Kevin Millwood

Cook’s first season in the American League has not gone well.  He may even be worse that Kevin Millwood (who also pitched for the Rockies last year)

Justin Smoak Mariners

Smoak will be needed to beat the Red Sox

This game should be anything but a pitchers duel.

* Current Line: 3-8 / 5.35 ERA / 12 BB / 11 SO / 1.36 WHIP
* The Mariners team average against Cook is…. wait for it:  0.77 (No Joke)

Millwood should not get this start… Please Mariners give it to Erasmo Ramierez.


* Current Line: 5-3 / 3.40  ERA / 39 BB /  73 SO / 1.30 WHIP

Red Sox vs. Mariners Series Predictions

Game 1:

Prediction:  Win (Sox 3 – Mariners 4)

Game 2:

Prediction: Win (Sox 0 – Mariners 4)

Game 3:

Prediction: Loss (Sox 3 – Mariners 6)


Seattle won for the 12th time in 18 outings on Sunday as Jesus Montero and Carlos Peguero belted solo homers in a 2-1 triumph over the Los Angeles Angels.


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