Angels vs. Mariners In Seattle: Pitching, series preview, analysis & predictions

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May 24 – 27

Angels in the Outfield? Hardly. More like Angels in the garbage dump.

Pitching match ups: Game 47: RHP – Dan Haren vs. LHP – Jason Vargas

Game 1: Matchup | Preview 

Dan Haren has come to be a respected pitcher over his 9 years in the major leagues. With a career record of 108-89 Haren has been dominate more often than not.  However the right hander is off to a rough start with only 1-5 record and a 4.37 ERA.

* Surprisingly right handed batters are having the most success against Haren this season with a .330 average so far.
* Haren is 4-1 with a 1.97 ERA in his last 7 starts against Seattle and has always pitched well at Safeco.

The Mariners are hoping Vargas continues his strong start to 2012 against the struggling Angels.  The California native has strong numbers against the AL LA team, hitting only .220 against the Mariners southpaw.

* Fat Albert has faced Vargas in 7 at bats, 3 of which he struck out, the other 3… A single, a double and a triple.
* Current line: 5-3 / 3.34 ERA / 17 BB / 42 SO / 1.02 WHIP

Game 48: RHP – Ervin Santana vs. RHP – Blake Beaven

Don’t let his current numbers fool you, Santana is pitching very well.  So why the 2-6 record and the 4.22 ERA? It seams he plays for the most overpaid lineup of clowns ever to wear the Angles uniforms.  His April wasn’t great, he gave up 21 earned runs in 30 innings, but in May he has only given up 7 in 29.

* Which M’s batter has the best numbers against Santana? Ichiro Suzuki of course, Ichiro has a .350 average (28/80) with 6 doubles, 2 triples, 2 home runs, 6 RBI and 7 walks.
* From 2009 Santana is 3-3 in 7 starts at Safeco field with a 2.91 ERA.

Beaven struggled a bit with his command in his last outing, but still allowed only 2 runs on 7 hits and only one walk. It was good to see him fight through a mediocre performance and get the run and bullpen support to walk away with the win.

* Beaven has allowed only 7 walks in 42 innings of work this season.
* Beaven is 1-0 against Los Angeles with a 2.53 ERA

Game 49: RHP – Jerome Williams vs. RHP – Felix Hernandez

Williams has had struggles in the majors but between 2007-2011 he seemed to improve his game enough to make him a part of the plan in Anaheim.  The Hawaiian native is 4-2 on the season, with his last start being a frustrating battle against Oakland which ended in a score of 2-1.

* Current line: 4-2 / 3.74 ERA / 16 BB / 33 SO / 1.32 WHIP
* Williams ERA on the road so far is sitting at 5.96. Good news for the M’s

Long live the King, who pitched a gem in his last start against division leading Texas Rangers.  Everyone is waiting to watch the match up between all star slugger Albert Pujols and Felix Hernandez, but I’d put my money on Felix, as Albert has been struggling with his adjustment to the American League.

* Current line: 4-3 / 2.80 ERA / 21 BB / 68 SO / 1.17 WHIP
* In his last 13 games against L.A. Felix has a dominate 2.64 ERA

Game 50: RHP – C.J. Wilson vs. RHP – Hector Noesi

In my opinion C.J. Wilson is the most over rated pitcher in Baseball.  Watching him in the past two World Series convinced me that he really should be a left handed specialist reliever out of the Bullpen.  However my opinion may not match the numbers Wilson is putting up so far this season.

* Current line: 5-4 / 2.90 ERA / 27 BB / 54 SO / 1.15 WHIP
* The current M’s lineup has a combined .247 average against Wilson.

Noesi has pitched better at home this season than on the road.  He is sitting at a 3.70 ERA at Safeco compared to he 6.67 ERA everywhere else. By the 4th game of the series the Angels are going to be tough to beat, especially with a lefty pitching against them.  The M’s are going to need the good Noesi to show up.

* Noesi has faced the Angles once before… 0.2 of an inning and has a… Um a 54.00 ERA… Let’s not talk about that any more.

Rangers vs Angels Series Predictions

Game 1:

Hector Noesi, Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners Host The Angels for a 4 game set (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

The Angels are probably hoping that these games will be a bounce back series for them, but with Vargas on the hill and the young offense starting to click, the M’s have a good chance of winning the series and especially this game.

Prediction:  Win (Mariners 6 – Angels 2)

Game 2:

This could be a rough one for the M’s with Santana looking like he is stabilizing his mechanics.  If Beaven is on his game we could see a low scoring game with the decision resting with the bullpens.  If that’s the case I’m still not sure Brandon League can hold a 1 run lead.

Prediction: Loss (Mariners 1 – Angels 3)

Game 3:

Easy one:

Prediction: Win (Mariners 4 – Angels 0)

Game 4:

This game feels like a coin toss even though the numbers are clearly in Wilson’s favor.  However I want to give Noesi the benefit if the doubt and think that mentally he will be well prepared at the end of long home stand.  Wilson is probably wondering why he ever signed with the club.

Prediction: Win (Mariners 3 – Angels 2)

More News:

Miguel Olivo was activated off of the D.L. today and much to everyone’s surprise Chone Figgins was left on the roster while Casper Wells was optioned to AAA Tacoma.


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