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Nice Start!

Amidst a couple of memorable celebrations, the BC Lions find time to smother the Blue Bombers 33-16

The night started off with a salute to the previous year as the BC Lions raised the 2011 Grey Cup Champion banner to the rafters.  Things only got better from there.

With last year’s remarkable season clearly in the rear view mirror, the Leos picked up right where they left off, assaulting Winnipeg’s Blue and Gold, and casting them out of BC Place in a cloud of defeat.

Not everything went according to plan so here is the first of 2012’s Lions Love Em/Hate Em vs the Blue Bombers.

Love ‘Em

Geroy Simon

 5 catches for 105 yards and staking his claim as the best ever receiver in the history of the CFL.  On the best play of the night, Simon overtook Milt Stegall for top spot in career passing yards.

Even better than the catch was the thunderous ovation and the humble speech that followed.  Geroy Simon is truly deserving to stand among the CFL’s elite.


Just as predicted, the Lions D-Line harassed QB Buck Pierce for most of the game, eventually forcing Pierce out of the contest.  The front four did their best to show Alex Brink they treat back-ups just as unfairly as the starters.  Eric Taylor and Keron Williams each finished with 2 sacks.

Death, Taxes, and Paul McCallum

McCallum hit on all 4 field goal attempts to along with 3 successful PAT’s for a total of 15 points.  Not since Old Faithful has a natural entity been so reliable.  McCallum credits the enclosed stadium for his string of success, that’s why the roof stays shut on game days.  Okay with me.

Mike Benevides

I will gladly eat crow for this game.  For those who didn’t read my bold predictions, I had the Leo’s for a loss on this one.  All the talk leading into the game was the banner presentations, a championship re-match, and Geroy’s record.

That’s a ton of distractions going into a week one opener.

I give all credit to Coach Mike who had his team looking focused and determined even with the extra hype.

Benevides managed to have the foot of his team square on the back of his opponent.

Geroy Simon

5 catches for 105 yards and staking his claim as the best ever receiver in the history of the CFL. (Photo

Hate ‘Em

Lions rushing attack could use a walker

Andrew Harris looked good on a couple of swing patterns, which could just be long handoffs, but when QB Travis Lulay is forced to carry the mail in the run game, be looking to warm up the back-up.

Injuries abound in this scenario.  Lulay can run, he can scramble, but let him operate from the pocket or the short roll-out.

The run game has to be used to free up the receivers.

Religious Kick coverage

Let’s all be honest here, the game could’ve been closer it wasn’t for some illegal blocking that negated most of Winnipeg’s run-backs.  The kick coverage was as holey as Sunday mass.  The Lions D is great but they need the kick coverage team to set the table for them.

Third and Short

Are we seriously still rolling out the back-up on short yardage situations? I thought with a new coach and Jarious Jackson in the center of the Universe we would run Lulay on every available snap.

Let me get this right, it’s okay for Lulay to sprint to the pylon unprotected, but allowing him to dive forward behind the 6’7” 360lb Patrick Kabongo is still a bad idea?

Anyways, I’m still pleased that the Love Em column is larger than the Hate Em column, and I’m not just being a homer.

The Blue Bomber’s looked less than enthusiastic to sit through all the fanfare and the Lions capitalized on most opportunities.

Polish and perfection will come in due course but at least the Lions aren’t starting 0-5.

And I enjoy my crow with Honey-Dijon sauce.

Cheers The Bartender


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  • agree with you about the ST coverage & your Love Ems but as far as some of the others not so much. I would rather see Reilly in for 3rd downs gives him field time as well as protects Lulay from needless harm in the piles. also when the pass game is working well why bring in the run more, harris seems to work well as a threat recieving from the backfield as his 47 yds rushing on 8 attempts added to 69 yds & 7 rec still makes 116 yds total for the day. Besides rushing seemed to be down in week 1 as Cornish in CGY led the CFL in week 1 w/ 86 yds rushing w/ Lulay at 44 & Harris w/ 47 near the top of those behind Cornish

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