Memo: Our BC Lions Won The 99th Grey Cup in Vancouver!

Muted Reactions?

Just another sporting event for the books. It’s not even fair that Vancouver has hosted so many amazing sporting events over the past couple of years.


The 2010 Olympics, where Canada won the most gold medals of any country to ever host the winter games, proving our domination in winter sports (particularly in men’s hockey after Sid the Kid scored that beauty OT goal).

The inaugural season of the Vancouver Whitecaps entering into the MLS, which saw the city come together once again in a loud, communal love for sport (thanks to the Southsiders, and despite the fact that the team finished dead last).

The 2011 NHL Playoffs, where the Canucks put their fans through series after series of unbelievable nail-biters, only to end in the most unfortunate let down I have ever experienced (besides being a past Leafs fan), resulting in an embarrassing trashing of our beautiful undeserving city.

And now, the BC Lions were victorious on home soil, dominating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in a 34-23 game, winning the 99th Grey Cup.  

BC Lions Grey Cup Champions

The BC Lions were victorious on home soil winning the 2011 Grey Cup in Vancouver!

The highlight of the game for me was when 24-year-old rookie Kierrie Johnson scored his first touchdown all season to maintain the Lions’ lead (a 66-yard TD at that).

Vancouver and all of B.C. got the celebration we were prepared for months ago (remember that awful night in June?), although it wasn’t nearly as rowdy or all-encompassing.

I peered over the city from my friends’ balcony east of Main street after the game, looking for some fireworks or noise or hoopla – dead silent from my East Van perspective.

Kind of mirrored the boring lack of celebration from Coach Wally Buono after the game.

Either way, we Vancouverites should feel priveleged to have experienced the ultimate highs and low lows of professional sporting championships back to back in our lifetime – what a ride it’s been.

All we need to do now is move the Vancouver Canadians up to MLB, and bring back the (regular) NBA along with the Grizzlies before 2020.

Then this decade will be remembered as the best in Vancouver sporting history.

Or maybe it already qualifies as that.

Wouldn’t hurt if the Canucks actually win the Cup this year, too.     

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