State of the Lions: Weekly Notebook November 2nd

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The Importance of the Final Game – Last week’s 29-20 win over the Eskimos was HUGE. It was the BC Lions most important game of the season and they performed beautifully.


The win got rid of any talk about a letdown after the disappointing loss to Hamilton a week earlier, and proves that the Lions, with two wins in a row over their main competition in the West, are the team to beat in their conference.

The game this coming week has some importance, but it’s not as crucial as the previous game.

If the Lions win than they lock up the top seed in their conference, and also can make a strong statement to the team that will most likely make the Grey Cup from the Eastern Conference.

But a loss won’t incite any panic, and the Lions look strong enough to defeat all comers, so even if they do have an extra playoff game it won’t be a big deal.

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Key to the Game #1 – Contain the Montreal Offense

Much easier said than done. Montreal has the league leaders in passing, rushing and recieving. Wow. That’s tough to contain. The B.C. Lions have to be more than just steady, they need to make big plays. They have to gamble a get some sacks and turnovers.

Unfortunately, if they don’t execute their gambles properly, Calvillo will make them pay, so the margin for error is pretty small. Best case scenario?

Force an early turnover, grab a two score lead and then use lots of running plays and short passes to keep Montreal’s offense off of the field.

BC Lions Cheerleaders

State of the Lions

Key to the Game #2 – No field goals, get to that end zone

Connected to the previous key is that the Lions need to score lots and eat up the clock.

Field goals don’t accomplish that. The Lions need to put together long drives that end up in touchdowns. Lulay has been great in the second half this year, he needs to marshal his offense and put together a stellar performance.

There’s a lot of pressure, because his opposition happens to be one of the best quarterbacks in CFL history.

Key to the Game #3 – Intimidation, Swagger and the strut of a champion

Anyone whose ever played football, or any other competitive sport for that matter, knows the value of intimidation.

How you perform is directly related to how you feel about yourself and your opponents. Well, this game is a chance for the Lions to send a message to the Alouettes and the rest of the league. A win means they can officially say “We ARE the best team in the league, we ARE going to win the Grey Cup and we ARE NOT going to back down to anyone. Period.”

The Lions have earned the right to strut and push back against a league full of teams that looked down on them after their horrific start.

It’s time to make the other teams fidget a little, and that means making it clear to Montreal and the CFL that win or lose their last game, they are a team to be feared.

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In the Community

Check out the BC Lions grassroots football program, designed to give kids a chance to play the sport they love while staying safe and being active.

Next Matchup

Montreal at BC Lions
10:00 PM ET Record
MONT 10-7 (4-4 V)
BC 10-7 (5-3 H)
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