State Of The Lions: Weekly Notebook | October 19th

The Home Stretch

The BC Lions took care of business in Saskatchewan on Sunday, beating the Riders 29-18. It wasn’t their best game, and it certainly wasn’t a dominating performance against an inferior team, but it was a win.


The Lions are heading to Hamilton for their last road game of the season, a game that they should win if they play well.

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Key to the Game #1  – Efficiency

The Lions have been putting forward a superhuman effort during their eight game win streak, but at this point in the season you can see players getting tired. Tired players will make mistakes, and those mistakes can quickly turn close games into blowouts.

The key to keeping their players fresh is going to be making sure the Lions are efficient on offense and spread the ball around so that everyone is involved. On defense, they have to prevent the Tigercats from putting together long drives that eat up the clock and exhaust the defense.

Lions vs. Tiger-Cats

Key to the Game #1 - Efficiency

Key to the Game #2 – Contain Williams and prevent big plays on offense

Last time these two teams met B.C. lost a 39-31 shootout. BC allowed Chris Williams to gain 189 yards and score a touchdown. Those 189 yards came from several big plays, including one 71 yard reception. At that point, Williams was a happy surprise for the Tigercats, and was hoping to remain a member of the squad when everyone was healthy again.

Since then, he’s been one of the strongest recievers in the leagues with just over 1000 recieving yards and seven touchdowns. If the Lions allow him too much room and let him get going, it could be a tough night for the defense.

Key to the Game #3 – Momentum

Like I sad last week, this is a key to the season as much as it is to this game. The Lions are victims of their own success, any losses at this point will be a huge let down and will damage their aura of invincibility.

However, losing to this weaker Tigercats team would be blood in the water for Edmonton and Montreal, both of which will be determined to break the Lions streak going into the playoffs.

The Lions need to play this game with a sense of urgency and keep their aura alive. As dangerous as it is, they need to keep the big picture in mind when they’re playing this game, it will give them an extra bit of motivation.

BC Injury Report – Click Here

In the Community

The BC Lions have been happily continuing their “Lions Pride” program which has the goal of inspiring youth to be active, make positive choices, and excel. For more details about this program’s second year, check out the link below:

Next Matchup

BC Lions at Hamilton
Oct 22-7:00 PM ET Record
BC 9-6 (5-3 V)
HAM 7-8 (5-3 H)


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