The BC Lions Geroy Simon is “King of the Dome”

Superman done?

The 2012 CFL season certainly wasn’t one filled of positive memories for BC Lions receiver Geroy Simon.

Yes he started the season off with a bang, taking over for Milt Stegall as the league’s all time career reception yards leader.

However when the Lions walked off the field following their Western Division Championship loss to the Calgary Stampeders, Simon had posted some of the worst statistical numbers in a decade.

With only 54 receptions, 700 yards and two touchdowns, Simon posted more mortal numbers than what fans have come to expect from “Superman.”

The big question that has come as a result of the Lions 2012 season, other than “WTF?” is, what to do with Geroy?

Should he remain in a Lions uniform and make amends for a lesser than season or should the Lions look to move Simon, officially turning the team over to the young guns?

The third and almost unrealistic choice would be the “R” word, but it still seems as though Simon has too much pride and gas left in the tank to talk about that right now.



How many Hall Of Fame athletes can Vancouver proudly say are their own?

Sure there are a large number of BC Sports HOF’ers and athletes from BC that are in their respective shrines, but in terms of athletes that have spent a good chunk, majority or all of their career in Vancouver, the numbers are slim.

Like Trevor Linden did for the Canucks, Geroy has done for the Lions.

Whether it be on the field or in the community, Geroy has been a presence in Vancouver for a dozen years.

In this day and age of sport, the number of athletes that give back as much as Geroy does are few and far between.

Geory Simon Lions

Now isn’t the time to release #81 (Photo:

3.  KARMA:

You know if the Lions were to let Geroy out of their grasps, the fans would revolt and #81 would come back to haunt them any time his new team lined up against BC.

Sure he had a bad year, but one “off” season out of every twelve? I would be willing to take those numbers.


Sean Gore, Nick Moore, Akeem Foster, Ernest Jackson… those four are the future of the BC Lions receiving offense.

Who better to show them the ropes than Simon?

Just as Wally Buono has done with Paris Jackson, keeping the Vancouver native on the roster to help mentor the young, Simon still has a year or two to do so on the field.


There is no justifiable reason why Wally Buono should let Geroy Simon ever wear another CFL uniform other than the white/orange/black.

Ok, honestly, the Lions managed to go 5-0 without Geroy in the lineup this season, allowing the young guns the opportunity to shine.

While he is no longer the #1 option, Simon gives the Lions the reliable veteran who will target opposing defenses, leaving opportunity for Lulay to connect with the next generation.

Ideally, the perfect way for Simon to complete his playing career with the Lions, before he stands beside Mike Benevides on the sidelines, is to play out the 2013 season, hopefully injury free, allowing not only the BC Lions faithful, but fans throughout the CFL a chance to honor and enjoy a truly special player and ambassador of the game.

Check out this video compilation of “Superman” himself.


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