BC Lions TV Blackout Expected for Homecoming at BC Place

No televised Lions games for standard TV

In an effort to get fans out to the first CFL game at BC Place this Friday, the Lions are planning on imposing a television blackout so that no standard-feed TV can watch live home games for the remainder of the season. So unless you’re watching a high-definition broadcast, forget about tuning in to Friday’s game against the Edmonton Eskimos.

Apparently imposing a blackout is fair game, unless BC Place happens to sell 90 per cent of tickets one day before kick off, in which case the power to blackout moves from club into CFL jurisdiction.

With ticket sales below capacity, it looks like the blackout will be happening.

Would a CFL blackout mean we don't have to watch TSN either?

By imposing this, the BC Lions are hoping to capitalize on their current five-game winning streak and get fans pumped about the new stadium and out buying tickets.  The Lions are one win away from ranking first in the West Division, coming up from a season previously devoid of W’s.

Okay, hold on – so the Lions are cutting off low-grade transmissions of the football games for the rest of the year, which means suckers like me who refuse to pay for anything more than standard cable can’t watch a Lions game unless at the bar? Fine. But how will not allowing fans to watch the game on the couch motivate them to spend $50+ to watch it live?

Maybe it’s smart. I would love to experience the new BC Place on opening day for the first football game, and I’d definitely rather watch the Lions live than on TV. Maybe I’d even talk people into going.

Unfortunately, I’ll be back in Toronto on Friday, so I can’t truly comment on this scheme and its effectiveness to get Vancouverites out to watch the Lions.

All this TV blackout talk comes as BC Place reports water pouring in from the roof (which has yet to be sealed) after today’s heavy rainfall. Wasn’t that the whole reason for the $563M new roof in the first place?

To prevent the building from leaking, caving in, etc?

I’ts probably all fine. Doesn’t a potential building malfunction kind of make you want to be there?

What is the deal in this new spaceship stadium?

If that doesn’t  do it for you, maybe Sarah McLaughlin singing the national anthem will………..?


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