Travis Lulay Profile: Will BC QB “Big Red” head for greener pastures?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Will the BC Lions Travis Lulay follow the same career path as Casey Printers and head back across the border in search of the bright lights and the fat contract, or will he realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side and cement his starting role with the BC Lions?


That is the question that will be on the minds of Lions fans this offseason, as Lulay’s impressive play this season has started to turn heads in the NFL.

With a 2008 stint in New Orleans sandwiched by a ping-pong tour as a member of the Seattle Seahawks from 2006-2008, Travis Lulay was given a taste of the NFL following a four year career at Montana State University.

Undrafted in 2006, the Seahawks held on to Lulay until their final cuts in 2006.

Following  Dave Dickenson’s  2008 departure, the Lions grab bag of quarterbacks included Buck Pierce, Jarious Jackson, Casey Printers and last but not least, Lulay.  (CLICK HERE For BC Lions Stats —>)

While Pierce and Printers have both since moved on, and Jackson remains with the club for short yardage purposes, it has been Lulay who has stepped out of the large shadows into the spotlight.

After a year of “figuring out the game”, Lulay and the Lions flipped a horrid start to the 2011 season into one of the league’s most incredible turnarounds mid season to finish first in the Western Division and in turn placing the red headed QB as the pivot for the West All-Star squad.

While he still potentially has two more games to play this season, the favorite for league MVP will have a number of options to consider for next season and beyond.

Mr. Lulay’s Should I Stay or Should I Go List:

1.  Go – At this point in his career, there is little chance that the financial opportunity will present itself once again.  Not many QB’s receive four looks at the NFL, and after his impressive CFL season, the money that the NFL can offer will exceed that of what the Lions can dish out.

Travis Lulay

BC Lions QB Travis Lulay Has to Decide. Stay Or Go? CFL vs. NFL

2.  Go – Lulay, during his stint in the NFL, got to see first hand from Matt Hasselbeck and Drew Brees, how to play and succeed at the QB position and has physically put that knowledge to use, proving he is capable of gaining yardage with both his arm and legs.

3.  Go – Lulay has proven to critic this year that he is a capable leader.  If such names as Kevin Kolb, Matt Moore, Blaine Gabbert, Kerry Collins and the cult hero Tim Tebow can hold down a starting role with their respective teams, Lulay should be given a fair shake as well!

4.  Stay – Lulay was part of the Lions roster in 2009 and 2010 when Casey Printers made his return to BC after a failed journey in the NFL.

Thinking that the name on the back of his jersey was bigger than that on the front, Printers found himself holding a clipboard during most of his time in Kansas City.  Lulay, while on his way to be a big fish in the CFL, would be but a guppie in the NFL.

5.  Stay – With Anthony Calvillo nearing his 40th birthday, the opportunity to step up and be the face of the entire CFL is within reach for Lulay.

6.  Stay – Starter in the CFL or backup in the NFL?  In all honesty, Lulay would probably serve as a backup if he were to latch on to a NFL team next season.

The age old question presents itself, would you rather have starter minutes in the CFL  or play a backup roll in NFL?

While it would be a shame and a huge loss for the Lions to see Lulay head south, the path taken by Joe Kapp, Swervin Mervyn Fernandez, Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie and Warren Moon shines a light on the road that lies ahead for Travis Lulay.      

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  • Knudsonron

    win a Grey Cup first and then they will take you more seriously in the NFL     Garcia Moon Flutie Kapp and Theisman [ but he never won it he got to it but then the RB fumbled the ball late in the game to lose it for Joe.”]  they won Grey Cups  and went on to have great careers in the NFL Garcia and Moon to the Pro Bowl…..not sure if Flutie did or did not but he had a winning record and got his teams to the playoffs……Dieter Brock to went to the Los Angelas Rams…….as well…..Dickenson had great number in Pre season but because of his size they made him hold a clip board……….and Printers…….had that Great year win Dickenson was hurt…….then Got  hurt in the Western Final…and Dickenson went on to win the game for the BC LIONS ….Printers was still injured and not 100 % for the Grey Cup so Wally put in Dickenson for the game……..years later Printers held a clip board in the NFl and then got released and then  did nothing in Hamilton mind you that was a bad team    and then had the chance to redeem himself and  sucked…..LULAY needs to put a couple of really solid years together and win a Cup and
    it will better his chances to become a starter in the NFL……..Ricky Ray was also forced to hold a clipboard  and thus came back to the CFL…………

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