Sensing Inevitability: Lions can start mapping out the parade route

The Future Is Bright

I have some crushing news for those of you who are CFL fans outside of British Columbia.


Stop watching. It’s only going to hurt more when its all done. Watching your team fall in the playoffs and watching the BC Lions lift the Grey Cup will not be a fun experience for you.

Turn off the TV.

It’s ok, we understand.

It must be confusing for everyone outside of BC. Watching a team play so terribly at the start of the year, laughing at their misfortune, and then seeing them turn it around. At first, everyone might have thought “well, they’re due for a few wins anyways.” But after five in a row, there were murmurs.

And by the time Sunday’s game wrapped up, the Lions had won eight in a row and were looking like the best team in Canadian football.

I know that I can feel it. And I know everyone else does as well. That sense of inevitability.

BC Lions

The Future Is Bright

We can’t beat these guys.

And you’re right, you can’t. If you didn’t already know, B.C. have a fantastic new stadium that gives them tremendous home field advantage, and two of their remaining three regular season games are played there.

The first round of the playoffs will also be a home game for the Lions.

And the second round likely will be as well.

And the Grey Cup. No travel and lots of fan support? Like these guys needed anymore help. Need another reason? Wally Buono.

That man knows the CFL and its players better than just about anyone alive.

He’s coached for almost two decades, and he’s overdue for another Grey Cup. He knows it.

He righted the ship when the season seemed like it was falling apart, and he’s coached his players perfectly since then, trusting them to make plays when it counted.

Let’s say, for arguments sake, that the Lions lose one of the their last three games. It’s unlikely, but its possible. I’m sure that Buono has a speech written up to keep the team calm and level, and help them get ready for the next game.

Heck, he probably started writing it two weeks ago. A loss will not unravel this team, they’ve overcome too much and come to far to let that happen.

This Lions team might not go undefeated the rest of the way, but they will go the rest of the way.

And when they lift that cup, no one will be surprised.

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