Thomas Demarco? Don’t let this BC Lions signing go unnoticed!

A man to watch…

There is a definite love affair between the CFL & small universities and the BC Lions are no exception.

Our northern league has long been a bastion of hope for highly talented players that fall through the grasp of the NFL.  Some players find themselves in the CFL, having gone unnoticed or unwanted by NFL talent scouts, and are now bent on proving their talents.

For Quarterbacks in general, it seems that if you want to succeed north of 49th you should play your collegiate career at a relatively unknown school.

Quick trivia question: Ron Lancaster, arguably the best quarterback in the CFL, was from which school?  If you said Wittenberg University you’re smarter than Alex Trebek.

Of the upcoming 2012 year, only two projected starters played their college games at major universities. The Calgary Stampeders’ Drew Tate went to Iowa and the Riders’ Darian Durant attended North Carolina.

The rest of the best went to lesser known schools from smaller conferences, but rather than dismay, this should be worn like a feather in the cap for the CFL.

Kudos to the scouts and general managers for going the extra distance to uncover these gems.

To break it down; the rest of the CFL starters are as follows:

thomas demarco

DeMarco can take some notes from Lulay, another QB from a small college.

BC LionsTravis Lulay – Montana State
Edmonton Eskimos – Kerry Joseph – McNeese State
Winnipeg Bluebombers – Buck Pierce – New Mexico State
Hamilton Tiger Cats – Henry Burris -Temple
Toronto Argonauts – Ricky Ray – Sacramento State
Montreal Alouettes – Anthony Calvillo – Utah State

Don’t get me wrong, the Lions have had fantastic quarterbacks that went to major universities, such as Joe Kapp (University of California), Doug Flutie (Boston College), and Danny McManus (Florida State University), but many of their famed pivots have been great talents from smaller schools.

For example, Roy Dewalt of Texas Arlington, Joe Paopao of Long Beach State, and Damon Allen of Cal-State Fullerton.

Also, the Lions recent successes have hinged on the likes of Dave Dickinson of University of Montana, the aforementioned Buck Pierce, and current star Travis Lulay.

Joining Lulay in the QB rotation for 2012 is a host of players from lesser known universities.

Mike Reilly of Central Washington, Corey Leonard of Arkansas State and rounding out the bunch is the Lions newest prospect, Thomas Demarco from Old Dominion.

Never heard of ODU? That’s okay; they didn’t have a football team for 77 years.

Only resurrecting the program in 2009, but with the current trend, Demarco should be a household name soon.

After all, the CFL proves one thing year in and year out:  it’s not where you come from, it’s how you play when you get here.

Cheers, The Bartender


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